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Leverage Data and Analytics to Become a Consumer-centric CPG Company

Shifting consumer demands has upended the relationship between brands and consumers. To succeed, the consumer packaged goods industry needs a deep understanding of new consumer journeys. Only then it is possible to deliver personalized experiences driven by data. It’s the data across all lines of business – from manufacturing to marketing to finance – that increase innovation, improve agility, and better understand customers.


The Cloud solutions of SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics make this all possible. They cover the entire data journey, helping you transform all the data you have into the answers you need. These tools, which are the database and data management cornerstones of SAP Business Technology Platform, give your data purpose.


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Key Challenges for Consumer Products

Increase Time to Insights and Proactively Forecast Demand

Organizations need to meet consumers in moments of opportunity. This means that speed is essential. Stakeholders can’t be stuck dealing with complexity. They need immediate insights, and quick, accurate forecasts to make data-driven decisions.

With SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics, you can quickly go from zero to insightful dashboards and forecasts. These solutions provide an out-of-the box understanding of key data with features specifically designed to improve time to insights. Pre-built data models and business content help different lines of business immediately get started. CPG companies can also leverage powerful predictive features to simulate future outcomes and move from passive reporting to active steering of the business with the powerful planning engine.

Gain End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

How can you understand your consumers if you can’t understand your data? When data is locked away in silos between organizations, regions, and lines of business, it’s hard to find the right insights. Without understanding the manufacturing processes, the impact of marketing campaigns, and the underlying financial situation, organizations grasp in the dark for the insights they need.

Solve this problem by uniting all your disparate data sources – SAP, non-SAP, on-premise, and cloud – in one central access layer. Easily connect any new data sources and solutions in real-time. With all data finally united, you can gain insights from the entire organization.

Give Lines of Business a 360-degree View of Consumers

To meet consumers in moments of opportunity, organizations need to re-organize for speed.  Agile, flatter organizational structures comprised of cross-functional teams must replace the static, rigidly structured teams of the past.  This is a shift from mere stewardship to entrepreneurship. To achieve this innovation, employees across all lines of business need to be empowered to experiment with data.

SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics solves the balancing act between data governance/ security with accessibility. Business users gain self-service access to experiment with data safely and securely. At the same time, this data is completely governed and secure based on the needs of IT. That means no more endless requests for data and no more endless provisioning. Business users can quickly and easily tap into enterprise-wide insights to gain a 360-degree view of your consumer’s preferences, sentiments, and behavior to make better decisions, all without needing to bother IT. Both IT and business are freed up so that real innovation can take place.


Improving Predictive Capabilities to Drive Strategic Decision-making

Ottogi is one of Korea’s largest food manufacturers. With their data landscape powered by SAP HANA Cloud and the BI capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud, the forecast timeframe dropped from monthly to weekly, with faster results, less maintenance, and greater accuracy. Now, they can better understand which products are resonating with customers.

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Data and Analytics in Consumer Packaged Goods

Cloud-Native Benefits

Your organization needs to be built to scale. The cloud-native solutions of SAP's Unified Data and Analytics scale help make this happen. Easily scale up storage or computing power based on need. Quickly test new use cases. Harness the power of the Cloud to both increase performance and lower costs. With this newly gained efficiency, you’ll be set up for any future growth.

Powerful Predictive Capabilities

Gain an unbiased understanding of your key business influences – and then dive deeper into your data with interactive visuals. For example, simulate and predict customer trends using your existing marketing and sales data by connecting to your relevant data sources. You can then leverage simple in-story automatic forecasting for basic predictions, or more robust smart features to help predict future outcomes.

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Flexible Data Management

Every CPG company is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to data. Thankfully, you gain the freedom and flexibility to manage your data however best aligns with your organization’s strategy. As you evolve your organization’s data strategy, know that your on-premise solutions are completely compatible with these cloud products. Choose what data stays on-premise, what data to extend, and what data to move completely to the Cloud.

Packaged Business Content

What good are data and analytics if it’s difficult to get started? With packaged business content designed specifically for the CPG industry, you can jump-start your project and accelerate implementation. This content includes pre-defined configurations, models, and dashboards for a variety of scenarios. Additional business content is made for specific lines of business, so all parts of the organization can quickly get started.

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Connect, orchestrate, and manage all your data.

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