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Transform into a customer first, data-driven retailer

Few industries have seen as much disruption as retail. Today, customers expect quick delivery, personalized digital experiences, and instant gratification. Meeting these customer expectations requires immediate insights into consumer behavior and business-critical data. For retailers, this means managing an ever-growing number of data sources while processing point of sale (POS) information quickly and effectively.

The Cloud solutions of SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics make this possible. They cover the entire data journey, helping you transform all the data you have into the answers you need. These tools, which are the database and data management cornerstones of SAP Business Technology Platform, give your data purpose.


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Key Challenges
for Retail

Unite Your Complex Data Landscape

Retailers face complex and unintegrated data landscapes, with data typically spread over four critical solutions with different back-end technologies:

  • Customer experience data and webshop data in SAP C/4HANA
  • Merchandise management and finance in SAP S/4HANA
  • POS data in SAP CAR
  • And historical data in SAP BW/4HANA

All of this is in addition to any non-SAP data sources and flat files. This makes it challenging to find relevant data in time to make quick decisions.

SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics unites all these data sources into one central access layer with seamlessly integrated analysis and reporting. Virtualization also enables data to be accessed remotely without copying or moving it. United end-to-end data allows your organization to tap into enterprise-wide insights and experience a full range of analytics and planning capabilities. SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics will help management and your customer experience team make better holistic and strategic decisions.

Ensure Data Quality to Unlock Insights into Past Performance

A comparative analysis of past performance can provide an edge over your competition. However, if you can’t ensure the quality of your data, comparative analytics suffers. SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics can extract, replicate, or virtualize data from different sources to create one robust, high performing data layer with complex data models that span multiple sources. With this data layer feeding directly into streamlined analytics, modeling no longer has to be done in the backend system with a live connection or in your analytics tool with an import connection. All your models sit in one unified data layer. Retailers can compare year-to-date values (YTD) by last-year-to-date values (LYTD) to get a condensed and comparative overview of their business.


Report on POS Data and Track Your KPIs in Real-time

POS data is critical in understanding consumer behavior, especially when connected in real-time to KPIs that provide insights into performance. With SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics, retailers can analyze POS data in real-time. With real-time insights, you can understand different regions, store locations, and merchandise categories.

Interactive visualizations enable retail to analyze and compare KPIs like sales amount, sales quantity, number of transactions, or average basket value between last year and this year over the month. Breakdown TOP and FLOP performing stores and products over any period, even down to the hour, to get a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. Employees can effectively run the store with real-time insights into all business areas, provided through role-based dashboards. Retailers can achieve greater efficiencies in merchandise and inventory management as well as in one-to-one customer engagement.

Implementing Supply Chain Management

Retailers need to anticipate demand and get the right products to the right stores at the right time. They need the ability to fulfill demand from anywhere optimally. With your data centralized in SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics, retailers can leverage advanced business intelligence, planning, and forecasting capabilities to monitor their business-critical data. Analytical overviews provide actual sales and system forecasts along with the out-of-stock rate for product locations and analyze the reasons for customer returns and rejections.

Data and Analytics in the Retail Industry

Integrated Analytics

Data and analytics is integrated seamlessly in SAP's Unified Data and Analytics, so switching back and forth between applications is done at the press of a button. Take your models and effortlessly generate visualizations and reports before sharing them. Retailers can leverage better visibility into demand and supply, to drive informed decisions on fulfilling customer orders and supply chain planning. Retailers also get a better understanding of sales data for planning of assortments, leading to higher sales with lower cost.

Single Point of Access to All Your Data

SAP's Unified Data and Analytics consolidates all your data, providing a central access layer to all your data regardless of its source, age, or size. Virtualization enables data to be accessed remotely without copying or moving the data. Alternatively, replicate and store large amounts of data from remote sources or upload data from local files. Spaces are isolated environments that allow departments to explore data. While each Space is isolated, the data remains centrally administered and connected in real-time to the organization's underlying data. Space members can establish connections to new data sources and upload local data before sharing insights in real-time with other departments.

Packaged Business Content

To succeed in this competitive and increasingly data-driven environment, data analytics is an essential component to discover business insights. Prebuilt business content includes predefined models to connect and centralize your data sources and prebuilt analytics dashboards, making set up easy and ensuring quick-time-to-value. These content packages from SAP are available inside the Content Network.

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