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Meet our host
Ramon Ray

Editor and Founder of Smart Hustle Magazine, Founder of Black Education Fund, Producer of Survive and Thrive Growth Summit, Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He’s also the founder and producer of Smart Hustle Media, he’s started four companies and sold two. Ramon has authored four books and his latest book is “Celebrity CEO – How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive By Building a Strong Personal Brand.”

He has been invited as an expert witness to the United States Congress, invited by the Office of the President of the United States to speak at the White House on personal branding. He’s interviewed President Obama in the President’s first live Google Hangout and was part of the US Delegation to India, led by Ivanka Trump for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Ramon is not just an ivory tower geek, but as a former technology consultant, he has hands-on experience in a variety of technologies including social media, mobile computing, computer networks, online software, and more. His expertise is in technology, marketing, sales, business startup, and growth and his favorite is personal branding.

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The upcoming episode

June 30th at 10:00 AM PST

Data Lessons from the Financial Services Industry

The insights made possible by data completely upend the way most industries operate. That’s especially true in the financial sector. Ever since the creation of the first bank thousands of years ago, data has been critically important. Now, the industry provides much more complicated services, while customers demand world-class service like never before.
Discover how the financial sector has evolved its strategy to give data purpose. You’ll get a look at where the sector came from, where the sector is now, and what future technological developments are on the horizon. Follow along with the panelists as they share insights that can be applied across all industries

This episode's guests

Zeeshan Khan

Partner and Co-Founder | Palladris
He has designed, built, and run digital businesses for banks since 1999, starting with the award-winning BARX platform for Barclays. Palladris is a strategic business advisory and solutions firm focused on providing deep financial markets expertise across G10, Emerging, and Frontier Markets.

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Irfan Khan

President HANA Databases & Analytics | SAP
He is the President of SAP HANA Database & Analytics business with global development and product management responsibilities across the entire SAP HANA Database and Analytics portfolio, this includes (SAP HANA, Data Intelligence, Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud) and innovation technologies.

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