Turn Data
into data

Take control of your data with a cloud solution that integrates, orchestrates, and enriches disjointed data landscapes into actionable business insights at an enterprise scale.

SAP Data Intelligence Cloud enables your business to become an intelligent enterprise, with holistic data management, integration, and processing.

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made simple

Connect, orchestrate, and manage all your data.

Trust the information behind your business decisions with features to manage your entire data landscape.

Effective governance for trusted results


Know your data and get it ready for use with next-generation data management features.

  • Data lineage features: Review transformation history and metadata to quickly understand where, why, and how data has been altered
  • Data Profiling: Understand your data prior to performing data transformation or machine learning
  • Business Glossary: Build a business glossary to provide a unified definition of business terms with associated business rules
  • Meta Data Catalog: Use metadata crawlers to explore, classify, and label data assets across your connected landscape

Bring it all together


Connect the data across your distributed landscape and external systems to unlock trusted, actionable insights.

  • Connection Management: Native connectivity with SAP HANA, ABAP, and SAP Business Warehouse¬† Process Chains; supports connections with SAP & non SAP sources, including AWS RedShift, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 & SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Centralized Data Management: Get visibility into all data sources and pipelines across your landscape with centralized management features

Next-level intelligent insights


Bring your machine learning innovations to production quickly to maximize business value and increase innovation.

  • Preconfigured functionality: Deploy automated machine learning (AutoML) technology without specialist data science expertise using preconfigured features
  • Open technology and develop tools support: SAP HANA, Python, Apache Spark, TensorFlow and more
  • ML Scenario Manager: Organize your datasets and model artifacts and manage all tasks related to your work in one central place
  • Metrics Explorer: Tracking UI to visualize, share, and evaluate machine learning experiments

Efficiently build data flows


Create powerful, modular data pipelines to process raw and distributed data and make it available for different use cases.

  • Pipeline Operator/ Generation: Step-by-step procedure to create pipelines easily; store parts or full pipelines as reusable snippets
  • Modeler & FlowAgent: Create data processing pipelines with graphical operators for data transformation and joins on cloud storage and databases
  • Flexible, reusable data pipelines: Reuse any data asset, pipeline, or custom¬†operator from scripting languages
  • Always-on pipelines: Respond to Varity volume and velocity of data

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Connect, discover, enrich, and orchestrate disjointed data assets into actionable business insights at an enterprise scale.
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