Your most important decisions made simple with data management and analytics together,
all in the cloud. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an out-of-the-box enterprise-ready data
warehouse that brings people and information together.


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Build a virtual workspace for your data analysis projects. With Spaces, you can bring data models and connections in one secured and governed place. Collaborate with your colleagues through clearly defined access authorizations and share findings with other stakeholders. Track your usage and adjust your computing and storage resources based on need.


The business layer provides natural language phrases to allow everyone to instantly understand data. You can define relationships between each element in your data model and enrich your data fields with business information and tags for quick discovery. Share all this between different Spaces to collaborate between departments.


Empower business users to easily model and explore data. At the same time, free up resources within the IT department.  Use drag and drop, tables, SQL, Cube Builder, and flat files to get insights from data. Visually build your model with Graphical View to simplify data modeling tasks, or use readily-available data models created by peers. Test your model instantly to discover insights.


Connect, don’t collect. Run projects on any data source. Quickly and seamlessly integrate data from different sources. Supports data sources both on-prem or cloud, and both SAP  or non-SAP. Harmonize the data within SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with the built-in ELT tool. Use the built-in adapter to connect data from remote sources.


Only pay for what you use. Pricing models are based on the consumption of what you need, with separation of storage and compute.  Use the built-in SAP HANA Cloud data lake for data of any shape and size. You can also integrate products and solutions you are already using. Start small, scale big – run your pilot projects in the cloud through SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.


Discover insights with native SAP Analytics Cloud integration. Create complex data models and visualize information to discover new insights. Set up your visualization dashboard with pre-built content and design assets. The built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities help you gain deep insights. You can also connect to any data analytics and visualization tool of your choice – we‘re open. 


Make confident and superior business decisions

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud has the latest data warehousing innovation made for both IT and business users.

A central place to get it done

Shorten the data to value time with our secure virtual work environments that let you quickly set up connections, assign user roles, and adjust compute and storage resources.


Easily make sense of it all

Bridge the gap between the underlying data and secure business-friendly access. Assign business terminology to any data field and make data easily understandable.

Agile Data Modeling

A simpler way to model

Discover hidden insights with easy-to-use UI that makes data modeling easier than ever before. Use tables, flat files, SQL or intuitive drag-and-drop graphical view.

story builder

Immediately visualize your data

Get the best-in-class data analytics, visualization, and reporting tool with pre-integration with SAP Analytics Cloud.

The bridge between enterprise and business

Enterprise IT

Benefit from built-in enterprise-grade services like data governance, model consolidation, lifecycle management, and data transformation. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud helps you to enable the business with a single source of truth.

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Business User

Achieve business understanding faster with a user-friendly environment for all of your data and analytics. Combine enterprise data with the line of business-specific data for a seamless experience and faster insights.

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Customers discover value in their data

Don’t lift and shift. Extend your data warehousing to the cloud. Discover the power of a hybrid data warehouse.

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