PwC Connects Data Globally With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Consolidating, harmonizing, and understanding different data sources in the cloud

PwC works with nearly every company on the Fortune 500 and tens of thousands of other companies to provide audit, assurance, consulting, and tax services. PwC prides itself on solving important problems, and data is an integral part of the problem-solving process.

The data generated from all of PwC's service lines is as essential as they are sensitive. That's why they need to be able to access data easily and securely. To make this happen, PwC began embarking on a cloud strategy to renew their underlying tech platform across the entire company. They chose SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to make this possible.

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Defining the Data Problem

Over the years, the offices in the 150+ countries where PwC operates, implemented their own solutions for handling data. While each solution works for the individual country, synchronizing data between countries is a time-consuming process. There are so many different systems in place from different vendors.

To accomplish synchronization, the data from different siloed country databases would need to be extracted out of each system and then manually harmonized. It all works, but all takes too much time and effort.

Efficiency is the goal, so PwC wanted a solution to bring all this data together in an optimized way. Importantly, they also wanted to integrate their existing systems into the solution. They already use SAP BW in some regions, which has proven to be a very effective tool.

At PwC, our best asset is our people. Now, our people are even more efficient thanks to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Connecting all this data from around the world has had an enormous impact on our business users.

Stefan Frühauf, Partner and Global and Leadership Team Member at PwC

Delivering Solutions with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

With these objectives in mind, PwC chose SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to bring all this data together without replication or duplication. They were also able to use their existing systems — both SAP and non-SAP systems — to accomplish this.

By using the semantic (business) layer, all the previously siloed data is brought together in a way that is easy for users to understand – and even more easily used for analytical purposes. With SAP Analytics Cloud built into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, users can quickly get started on running their proofs of concept.

The Spaces function of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud lets users access relevant data to their projects on their own and without assistance from IT. Within these Spaces, users can connect remote data sources and upload their own flat files in a safe, federated spot. Now, a proof of concept can be run in just 48 hours. This fast turnaround time is great news not just for PwC, but also for the customers they’re helping.

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What SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Made Possible

PwC is still in the beginning stages of its data journey with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, but they already believe they’ll be seeing significant cost and time savings, compared to other data warehousing solutions on the market. With the solution’s ability to scale, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is setting PwC up for the future, allowing the organization to build onto what has already been accomplished.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the only end-to-end data management and decision-making cloud solution designed for business and enterprise-grade experiences. ​We’re combining powerful data management capabilities with the broadest advanced analytics, helping you to make confident decisions – all in one, all in the cloud. ​

For us, the most important feature is the data building capabilities. This will make the consolidation, harmonization, and understanding of the different data sources from around the world possible. Getting all this data together will allow us to get insights we are looking for on our own business.

Julia Merscheid, Associate, Data and Analytics at PwC

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