Quadpack Accelerates Real-time Finance Analytics

Quadpack is a global provider of hybrid, multi-material packaging solutions for the beauty industry. To streamline their analytics and empower regions to make faster decisions, Quadpack is simplifying its existing data landscape with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The product will unite all their data sources into one central access layer, and when paired with SAP Analytics Cloud in 2021, Quadpack will have real-time data access and lean reporting.

  • Real-time data access and reporting
  • Reduction in reporting from weeks to minutes
  • 100 users expected by end of 2021

For Xavier Polo, Analytics CTO at Seidor, an SAP partner who works with Quadpack on implementation, the new landscape “is easy to set up with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s graphical drag-and-drop modeling and Data Flow Builder. It’s a very powerful tool — we can easily create persistent data calculations and transformations.”

Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

Several recent company acquisitions meant Quadpack had critical data spread across five different ERP systems. To consolidate the data from the acquired ERPs and other external data sources, Quadpack used SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

“Whenever we add a new ERP to the mix, we had to do a lot of work to combine the new ERP data with our existing ERPs,” Quadpack’s Business Intelligence Expert, Jordi Ambros, says. “This is challenging our ability to provide analytics to our employees.”

This consolidation process not only requires manual actions, like cleaning up data, but disparate data sources made reporting arduous and time-consuming. “The analysis of current information takes more time than desired because we have to check different documents,” says Ambros.

Finally, because Quadpack loads data at night in Europe, employees in Australia often had to wait days to analyze data. Such delays are costly in logistics, as it could be the difference between securing a shipping slot or having to wait for the next one.

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The first step in simplifying Quadpack’s data landscape is consolidating most of their ERPs – including legacy systems from acquired companies – into SAP S/4HANA Cloud. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud then replicates data in real-time from SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Connecting the two is simple with the data integration connector.

However, to create one robust data layer with centralized data access, ERP data from SAP S/4HANA Cloud needed to be integrated with historical data from MS SQL Server and manufacturing-specific data in dedicated ERP systems. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Data Flow Builder can consolidate all this data into one place.

Data Flow Builder’s rich data integration capabilities mean Quadpack can load and integrate structured and semi-structured data from an array of SAP and non-SAP sources. More importantly, the Data Flow Builder persists data and supports data transformations, calculations, and Python scripting. This way, Quadpack can transform the data in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and connect to a wide array of sources beyond those that only support data federation and real-time replication. All data models – many spanning multiple data sources – sit in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s unified data layer.

Quadpack is also seeking self-service modeling capabilities to empower business users. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, data is easy to model using either SQL or graphical editors. With tight integration between SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud, data models are consumed for visualization, analysis, and reporting.

Using SAP Analytics Cloud, Quadpack’s team members can instantly get insights even if they are unfamiliar with data analysis using the intuitive visualization features built into Stories. Features such as Smart Insights and Smart Discovery make it possible for business users to quickly and easily uncover trends and insights.

Additionally, users are empowered to make confident decisions by leveraging clear visibility into all relevant data within SAP Analytics Cloud Stories. For example, Quadpack can view supply chain and inventory data in one place, even creating quick forecasts on the fly to make decisions with certainty. Specific business user-friendly planning features such as Version Management for easy scenario planning simplify and streamline financial planning processes.

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With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud combined we’re ready for anything. We have all our data sources united in the cloud. All our regions are happy to have real-time data access that will enable them to generate insights and react quickly for the benefit of our entire business.

Jordi Ambros, Business Intelligence Expert at Quadpack

Expected Results

With a simplified data landscape, Quadpack will finally have a complete overview of all their data in 2021 and one source of truth for streamlined analytics. Quadpack’s global offices will have data access whenever they need it to make better-informed decisions. “For us, real-time data is very critical,” Ambros says. “With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, regional offices and departments can make operational decisions with agility.”

Business users working in dedicated departments know their specific data requirements best, and Quadpack intends to empower them with self-service access. Three key business users from finance, strategy, and sales will employ SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s self-service modeling. Currently, IT is preparing data, so self-service will enable departments to explore data themselves and free up IT resources.

Furthermore, business users will continue to have visibility into the entire enterprise, silo free, using SAP Analytics Cloud. This clear view into the whole organization will give Quadpack the power to make decisions holistically, rather than just based on a small part of reachable data. This extends to KPI governance- Quadpack can easily ensure KPI’s are consistent across the entire organization.

Rather than spending time compiling reports, users can easily see relevant data right at their fingertips. SAP Analytics Cloud simplifies the collaboration process through in context tagging and discussion. This ensures Quadpack’s team will always be on the same page when it comes to data.

By using SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud together, Quadpack benefits from the Data Value Formula: an end-to-end strategy that combines data volume, quality, and usage to create data value for organizations. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Quadpack has control and flexibility over their data quality, and with SAP Analytics Cloud, all Quadpack users have access to real-time data. By implementing both solutions in harmony, Quadpack is truly getting the most value possible out of its data.

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