SAP and Adverity Optimize Paid Search with SAP's Unified Data & Analytics

SAP’s Global Marketing department runs digital campaigns in regions around the world. One of the campaigns they’re driving is Paid Search. To improve the performance and lower spending, the team works to optimize SAP landing pages for search keywords.

To get all the information in a user-friendly and visual dashboard, SAP partnered with Adverity, an expert in data-driven marketing. Adverity used their app to blend live data sources and historical data before connecting to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and creating a dashboard in SAP Analytics Cloud.

The new reporting dashboard allows SAP marketers to easily identify landing pages that perform below benchmark and keywords that need to be better integrated into these landing pages. In the first two months of the project, SAP experienced:

€50k savings in campaign costs
2x increase in marketing-sourced opportunities
Faster optimization process with freed up resources

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud have massively helpful capabilities. Bringing all data together seamlessly and providing the data business ready to the user is a key factor in being data driven as an enterprise.

Giulio Bonanni, Solutions Consultant at Adverity
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Defining the Data Problem

The Google Quality Score is a core metric when optimizing landing pages, the better the score the lower the cost per click. However, this critical score is hidden away in complex reports not readily accessible to all stakeholders. It’s also difficult to track historical trends of this score. To get a complete picture, SAP Global Marketing need to integrate multiple data sources including live data from Google Search Ads 360 and Google Ads and historical flat files with the previous year’s benchmarks.

To alleviate complexity, SAP Global Marketing and Adverity needed an open solution that could connect to third party applications and visualize information. Here’s why SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud were the perfect answers to these challenges.

Uniting Data Sources

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an open solution that connects easily to third-party tools and applications. Adverity used this openness to connect their app to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (here’s a video on how) that consolidated data from Google Search Ads 360 and Google Ads. To see how the current score compares to last year’s, Google’s data was merged with historical benchmarks from flat files.

With the app connected, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud consumed the model as table before the data was visualized in SAP Analytics Cloud.

The dashboard ticks all the boxes. Our marketing employees get concrete information on how to optimize landing pages in an easy to understand manner. In the end, this saves us time and money. Our teammates are empowered, and our campaign costs have dropped.

Bilijana Vareskic, Campaign Execution Manager at SAP

Native Integration with SAP Analytics Cloud

Adverity built the SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard to show SAP Global Marketing how to optimize landing pages in a user-friendly and actionable way that’s directly tied to KPIs. SAP Analytics Cloud is natively integrated with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud so everything from data management to visualizations is done in one seamless interface.

Dashboard views offer concrete guidance on which landing pages perform poorly, how to improve them, and with which keywords. SAP Marketing can easily adjust the granularity – narrow in on a keyword or specific KPI – in the SAP Analytic Cloud dashboard with all the calculations being done on the fly.

The user-friendly dashboard had an immediate positive effect on SAP Global Marketing’s KPIs, like click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per online registration.


The Future of Data within SAP’s Global Marketing

SAP’s Global Marketing has rolled out the project to all north European units and plans to onboard teams in the rest of Europe in the coming months. On top of that, the team wants to add Adobe Analytics as another data source to get even more precise insights into the performance of the ads.

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