SAP Global Cloud Services Improves Reporting and Response Efficiency

SAP’s Global Cloud Services ensures that the organization’s entire cloud infrastructure operates efficiently and reliably. Within that unit, Datacenter & Infrastructure Build is a subgroup responsible for managing SAP’s datacenters, as well as building up and decommissioning infrastructure capacity. This infrastructure serves SAP’s wide range of solutions, making build performance critically important.

This unit works with two key metrics: delivery time and delivery quality for infrastructure build up and decommissioning. To better monitor these metrics, they migrated to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The rollout was a success that lays the groundwork for future optimization.

30% increase in operational efficiency in handling report requirements

Through SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the Datacenter & Infrastructure Build unit simplified their landscape. It’s now easier to analyze performance, determine pain points, and initiate improvements.

SAP is driven by performance and quality. Our team is no different. That’s why SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the perfect fit for us. This solution streamlined our landscape and enabled us to get better insights. With the time saved, we are also able to implement user requirements faster.

Sven Meinks, IT Business Services Senior Consultant at SAP
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Challenge: Defining the Data Problem

SAP’s Datacenter & Infrastructure Build unit generates vast amounts of operational and reporting data. To handle all of this, the unit relied on multiple databases for extraction and transformation. The ever-growing layers of the previous ETL solution lead to increasing complexity.

The complicated queries being run by the unit reached the limit of what the previous data warehousing solution could provide in terms of performance and optimization. To fix this complexity, the Datacenter & Infrastructure Build unit needed to streamline their entire landscape and bridge their different data sources together. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud was the perfect tool for this task.

Solution: Simplifying with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

The Datacenter & Infrastructure Build unit seamlessly integrated SAP Data Warehouse Cloud into their existing landscape. Instead of doing the less efficient ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) through multiple databases, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud enables them to perform ELT using one database. This benefit, plus having just one central data access layer, reduces complexity significantly.

Through this newly gained flexibility, the unit simplified their queries. They can now split complex queries that originally had 7,200 lines of code into multiple, manageable, and reusable smaller queries. The data lineage then provides a very good overview of these data transformations and all their dependencies. This flexibility extends even further, as it’s much easier to add new datasets whenever needed. Now, the unit further improves delivery times for new reports.

Flexible Openness

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud connects to different visualization tools. By consuming these sharable data models with the BI solution, the Global Cloud Services organization gain a clear overview of and valuable insights from their data.

Our team is more efficient with this new landscape powered by SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Best of all, we now have the flexibility to adapt to any change that comes our way.

Marianne van Loenen, Principal Consultant at SAP

Results: The Future of Data Within SAP’s Datacenter & Infrastructure Build Unit


SAP’s Datacenter & Infrastructure Build unit sought to reduce complexity to improve both delivery time and delivery quality. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud helped them accomplish that. By transforming and homogenizing data to be used in dashboards and other applications, the unit gained actionable insights.

Through this continuous improvement enabled by SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the Datacenter & Infrastructure Build unit of SAP Global Cloud Services helps the wide range of SAP’s business units provide the best customer experience possible.

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