The San Jose Sharks Optimize Marketing with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Over the past few years, the San Jose Sharks’ data journey has been an ongoing evolution. To scale the use of data and analytics across the organization, the Sharks needed to create a self-serve model, which enabled users to easily access the data they need to make decisions based on accurate and real-time information. The organization possessed a robust reporting system covering multiple areas of the business, but the 360-degree view of the customer was missing.

The Sharks organization set out to understand how marketing and communications efforts correlated to fan engagement, ticket sales, and season ticket renewals. To achieve this, they adopted the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution to unite data from two critical business areas – sales and marketing. Along with the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides 360-degree reporting on marketing efforts. Both solutions power SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), which seamlessly integrates technologies to solve your business challenges and create innovative outcomes.

37% expected increase in campaign effectiveness
12% expected increase in ticket revenue
20% projected reduction in season ticket holder churn
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Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

The San Jose Sharks use the SAP Marketing Cloud solution to segment fans, as well as create and monitor e-mails and digital campaigns. Customer interactions with opportunities and activities reside in SAP Sales Cloud. Ticket sales, ticket use, and other Ticketmaster information is stored in the KORE Software system.

Prior to establishing a data warehouse, reporting for SAP and non-SAP data streams was done independently. For example, the Sharks could track ticket sales and e-mail opens per fan, but they couldn’t see how the two correlate and if an e-mail campaign directly translated to ticket sales or more satisfied fans.

To move beyond this siloed data analysis, the Sharks needed a central data layer to enrich SAP marketing data with third-party sales data. For this, they adopted two SAP BTP solutions: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to unite their various data sources and SAP Analytics Cloud to consume data and provide data visualizations.

Implementation was fast and a small team can easily manage the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution. However, its capabilities are anything but small and we have a single source of truth for our data with powerful integrated analytics.

Neda Tabatabaie, VP, Business Analytics & Technology at San Jose Sharks

Solution: Central Access Point to All Data

Season ticket holders are a vital source of income and indicator of fan loyalty for the Sharks. Preventing the churn of customers who purchase season or family tickets, as well as attracting new fans, are critical business KPIs. E-mail engagement, holistic customer touchpoints, how often the ticket holder comes to a game, and overall ticket utilization are key insights that might indicate the likelihood of a season ticket being renewed. Understanding these data points can dramatically change business strategy, campaign approach, and even how resources are assigned.

With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the Sharks were able to join ticketing data and CRM data with data from SAP Marketing Cloud for the first time. With a real-time connection to visualization tools, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides a single source of truth for analytics. The harmonized data is now consumed by SAP Analytics Cloud for visualization, analysis, and reporting.

This new landscape powered by SAP BTP gives the Sharks an end-to-end overview of their data and quick data-to-value. With a unified data layer in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the Sharks can now use SAP Analytics Cloud to visualize how marketing campaigns affect ticket sales, season ticket holder engagement, and churn rate. Beyond that, they can easily segment customers based on ticket sales and attendance and create customized campaigns to better promote revenue generating activities.

SAP Business Technology Platform, specifically SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud solutions, will completely transform our marketing. We can now find patterns in our data and focus our resources on campaigns that need them the most. Preventing season ticket holder churn is of huge value to not only the Sharks but the entire sports industry.

Neda Tabatabaie, VP, Business Analytics & Technology at San Jose Sharks

Results: Future-Ready Agile Data Management

Like many professional teams, the Sharks have a small IT team. Limited IT capacity makes it difficult to invest in and manage a large, complicated system.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers the Sharks the agility they need in a user-friendly and scalable solution. It requires no upfront capital investment, and SAP handles management and maintenance. Connecting additional data sources in the future is straightforward. If their storage or computing needs change, they can quickly scale and maintain full cost control. SAP takes care of the technology, so the San Jose Sharks can focus on business outcomes.

Cross-functional employees can model data themselves in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with either SQL or a graphical drag-and-drop interface to accelerate analytics. Employees can test hypotheses quickly and adjust marketing campaigns on the fly. With real-time data connections, they can see the immediate impact of their marketing efforts on what matters most: providing fans with a great experience.

SAP BTP provides organizations with an integrated data landscape by connecting applications, data sources, and people seamlessly. Now, the San Jose Sharks can make confident marketing decisions and focus on continued business innovation.

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