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Connection to Amazon Redshift

Learning Article
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud now allows you to connect to Amazon Redshift and gives you the possibility to access the Redshift clusters and databases that you create. In order to connect SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to Amazon Redshift you need to set up a on premise data provisioning agent and install theĀ  Redshift JDBC driver.

    To set up a connection select Amazon Redshift from create connection dialogue box.

    Provide a meaningful Business and Technical name to the connection. Once done, choose a DP agent from the drop-down menu. Also, you will need the IP Address from your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud side, which you can see in the additional configuration, to allow list it in Amazon redshift.

    In the next step, you will have to provide connection details and credentials, which you will get from Amazon redshift, in order to create the connection.

    In order to allow list the IP on the Amazon Redshift Side, you need to go to the EC2 services, which allows you to create an additional security group.

    There you must allow two IPs, the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud IP and the IP of the server where the DP agent is running.

    Once that is created and updated, the connection to Amazon Redshift from the View Builder or within the Data Flow should work as expected.