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System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites

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  • Before you dive into your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud experience, please read these system requirements and technical prerequisites to ensure an optimal performance.  

    SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a fully web-based offering. You will need an internet connection and a system that meets certain requirements. 

    The requirements listed here are for the current release. 

    Client Software Requirements 

    Client Software  Version  Additional Information 
    Desktop browser  Google Chrome, latest version (see Additional Information)  Google releases continuous updates to their Chrome browser. We make every effort to fully test and support the latest versions as they are released. However, if defects are introduced with OEM-specific browser software, we cannot guarantee fixes in all cases. If you have a question about a specific version (for example whether a specific version is supported), please log a support case. For additional system requirements, see your web browser documentation. 
    Additional software  Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 or higher    

    Client Configuration Requirements 

    Client Configuration  Setting  Additional Information 
    Network bandwidth  Minimum 500-800 kbit/s per user  In general, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud requires no more bandwidth than is required to browse the internet. All application modules are designed for speed and responsiveness with minimal use of large graphic files. 
    Screen resolution  XGA 1024×768 (high color) or higher Widescreen: 1366×766 or higher    
    Minimum recommended browser cache size  250 MB  SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a Web 2.0 application. We recommend allowing browser caching because the application uses it heavily for static content such as image files. If you clear your cache, the browser will not perform as well until the deleted files are downloaded again to the browser and cached for use next time. To set browser cache size, see your browser documentation. 
    HTTP 1.1  Enable    
    JavaScript  Enable    
    Cookies  Enable web browser session cookies (non-persistent) for authentication purposes    
    Pop-up windows  Allow pop-up windows from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud domains    
    Power Option Recommendation  High Performance mode for improved JavaScript performance  For Microsoft based Operating Systems 

    Supported Languages 

    Client Browser  What’s Supported 
    Menus, buttons, messages, and other elements of the user interface.  English (en-US) 

    Data Connectivity 

    Connectivity to On-Premise Sources with SAP HANA Smart Data Integration 

    We recommend using the latest version of the Data Provisioning Adapter but at least the recommended minimum version from SAP Note 2419138 . 

    For information on minimum requirements for the on-premise sources, check out these resources:  

    Configure Data Provisioning Adapters 

    Connecting to On-Premise Sources