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The ABAP Adapter

Learning Article
  • In this blog, we’re focusing on the advanced capabilities of the ABAP Adapter to search and connect to ABAP Dictionary Tables.

    This new feature allows users to connect to ABAP Dictionary tables and the Tables Application Hierarchy of the connected ABAP system.

    The ABAP users leveraged in the Source System require additional authorizations. You can find more about the authorizations here and here.

    The remote data access and data snapshot creation are both supported for ABAP Dictionary object types. And the real-time application is supported for enabled S/4HANA ABAP CDS-views, Service-API (SAPI) Extractors and BW Data Store Objects.

    This gives users the ability to connect, access, and replicate data from Source System ABAP Dictionary tables into DWC.

    How does this work?

    When you’re in the Data Builder and check your Sources, you can see a new subfolder in the ABAP sources: the “ABAP tables by application hierarchy” and the “ABAP tables by table name”.

    As you can see, you’ll now have access to the ABAP table dictionary.

    In our example here, we’re interested in tables related to ”material”. So we can click on the Expand icon next to the alphabetical match of our search item.

    And then search for all tables including “material”.

    Once you select an object, you can Import and Deploy it.

    The system is creating the remote access to the table within the ABAP Dictionary.

    As you can see the data is now deployed in our data model.

    When you now preview the data…

    you’ll see the table within the S/4 ABAP Dictionary.