Onboarding Guide Connections

Built on the concept of cross-application warehousing, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud prides itself with its openness and flexibility. Connect to third-party ETL tools, utilize a great variety of different data sources, and experience the full potential of a data warehouse in the cloud.

Connection Types

Connection types support connectivity to a variety of sources.

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How to Create Remote Connections

Getting connected to your data is an important step. Let us show you how to create remote connections to a variety of data sources.

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Connecting to OData Service Providers

With the OData connection type, you get access to the ODataservice provider and its data.

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Connecting to On-Premise Sources

To connect to on-premise sources, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud leverages SAP HANA smart data integration and its Data Provisioning Agent.

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How to Connect a Third-party ETL Tool

In SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can establish a seamless connection to third-party ETL and other tools that speak SQL and use an SSL connection.

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How to Connect a Data Provisioning Agent

Think of the Data Provisioning Agent as the road infrastructure, while the connection between your systems and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the vehicle that transports the data to your data warehouse.

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Connecting to ABAP, SAP HANA, and OData

One of the key features of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is its vast openness towards integrating a great variety of different data sources. No matter where your data lives, you should be able to access it in your Data Warehouse solution!

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