Onboarding Guide Data Preparation

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud allows you to use a great variety of data sources and types. At times, this data needs to be prepared before it's ready to be analyzed. This module will teach you how to start collecting and cleaning your data.

How to Upload Flat Files and Create Data Sets

Learn how to upload data from flat files.

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What is the File Repository?

The file repository is a place to secure and organize your files within SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

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What is the Data Integration Monitor?

The Data Integration Monitor is a key feature of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud when it comes to monitoring the replication of tables coming from other sources and the frequency of data refresh. Important: Local tables are not monitored.

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How to load and monitor remote tables with the Data Integration Monitor

In the Data Integration Monitor, you can find a remote table monitor per space. Here, you are able to monitor the replication of remote tables that have been deployed in your space and you can load snapshots for the tables.

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