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Product Update


This blog covers some of the latest new features and enhancements in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud release 2019.24. The current highlight includes improved Profile Settings and Data Integration.

This blog provides a high-level overview of the latest features in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. If you’re looking to get more information about these features, please visit the help documentation here



IP Whitelisting

To allow a system of your local network to connect to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can now open a support incident to add the system to a whitelist.



File Repository

The file repository gives you an overview of all objects that have already been created in the system. The file repository is a place to secure, and organize your files within SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The design of the File Repository mimics the Files area in SAP Analytics Cloud, and shares your SAP Analytics Cloud files with your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud library if you have an SAP Analytics Cloud license.

For more information, see File Repository.

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