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How to Create Spaces in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

August 14, 2019

Dr. Dorothea Walter Dr. Dorothea Walter
Dorothea is a Solution & Product Marketing Senior Specialist and Instructional Designer at SAP.

So now that you’ve learned how to log onto the system and add a new user and assign him or her a role, let’s look at how to create a Space.
Remember, a Space is like a virtual team or office space. These virtual workspaces are designed for an individual or a group of users for data modelling, data integration, and story dashboard building. These Spaces are isolated and can be assigned quotas for available disc space, CPU usage, runtime hours, and memory usage.

1) On the Welcome Page: click on the Space Management icon.

2) This brings us to the Space Management page. On the top of the page, you’ll see a + sign. Click this to add a new Space.


3) You will be prompted to create a new space. Type in a meaningful name for the virtual workspace. The Space ID will be auto-populated.

4) After you hit Create, your new space will appear as a tile along with the other Spaces already created.