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What is the Business Catalog?

August 16, 2019

Dr. Dorothea Walter Dr. Dorothea Walter
Dorothea is a Solution & Product Marketing Senior Specialist and Instructional Designer at SAP.

In the option menu on the top left, we find the Business Catalog.

The Business Catalog is like a library of all existing, created data models. As an administrator, your Business Catalog shows all created data models, while a user only sees those data models for which he or she has been granted access.

This is the view for an administrator:

On the top left, you’ll get a quick overview of the existing data models:

Here, you’ll see how many data sets were built in total, how many of them are fact-based and how many of them are dimension-based. This is helpful in filtering for specific data sets quickly.

If you click Dimension, the Business Catalog shows you only those data models that were built on dimensions. The same goes for the Fact row.

Moreover, if you have a look at the displayed data sets, you’ll get information on each data set individually.

This data set below, for example, gives us information on its intent and purpose and provides some tags to make a search easier.

Please note: this information only appears if you have provided comments in the Business Purpose section in the data builder.