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Data analytics are critical in extracting value from your data and gaining
a competitive advantage. However, for an organization to extract value
efficiently, data needs to be well managed so employees can easily retrieve,
model, and analyze it. A data warehouse is purpose-built for quick data
retrieval and data analysis, enabling business users to access and retrieve
the data they need for analysis.


For existing SAP Analytics Cloud customers, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is
the perfect way to empower your business users to model data and speed up
analytics with access to all of your data – even in real-time. SAP Analytics
Cloud connects seamlessly to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with native
integration. Investing in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud has no upfront costs
and is fully maintained by SAP.


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How SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Solves Your Biggest Challenges

Work with Large Datasets

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud consolidates all your data, providing a single point of trusted access to your data regardless of its source, age, or size. This solution can replicate and store large amounts of data from remote sources, or you can upload large datasets from local files, like .CSV. Data tracing and monitoring allow you to identify any errors in your uploads. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s virtualization also enables data to be accessed remotely without copying or moving the data.

Single Point of Access to All Your Data

Without a data warehouse, it’s hard to ensure data quality and as the volume and number of data sources grow, the complexity of your data environment can hinder performance and analytics. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, IT can consolidate data and leverage ETL/ELT services like pipelining or data transformation to create a robust high-performing data layer.


IT or business users can then define data access by creating and governing complex data models. At the same time, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Business Layer maps business concepts to the underlying data so more business users can understand and model data themselves.

Enhanced Data Modeling Capabilities

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud empowers business users to import, connect, and model data themselves. An intuitive UI and the Business Layer help make data more understandable. SQL and graphical drag-and-drop, in turn, allow for enhanced self-service data modeling. The models can be consumed directly in SAP Analytics Cloud.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud also augments your modeling by enabling you to import larger local datasets and create more complex models. If a data model proves to be valuable for the entire organization, it’s easy for IT to help by taking over maintenance and enhancing the model—without having to rebuild the entire model in a different environment.



More Features

Business Layer

Understand the Data You Need

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Business Layer bridges the gap between the underlying data and secure business-friendly access. The Business Layer can be used to expose business users to the data fields they need while hiding any data fields that might not be relevant. Data fields can then be named using business terminology. 

By mapping the business layer to the underlying data, business users can understand, model, and analyze data in SAP Analytics Cloud without touching irreplaceable underlying dataSeparating the Business Layer from the data also means that you’ll only need to define the business terminology once, even if the data changes. If the data connected to

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud does change, you just need to point the business layer to the new data. This way IT is free to work on the underlying data without disrupting anyone. 


Centralized Governed Data

Trust In Your Data

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides a 360-degree view of your dataSAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Spaces are isolated environments that allow departments to explore data.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Space Management enables IT to see and govern all Spaces and data sources. While each Space is isolated, the data remains centrally governed and connected in real-time to the organization’s underlying data. Space members can establish connections to new data sources and bring in local data before sharing insights in real-time with other departments. 

End-to-End Enterprise-grade Data Warehouse Straight Out of the Box

Full Featured Solution

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an enterprise-ready data warehouse right out-of-the-box. As a SaaS offering, it requires no upfront investment, and management and maintenance are handled by SAP. The flexibility to start small and scale up over time means there’s no risk in trying several pilot projects to assess your needs. 

SAP Analytics Cloud is integrated seamlessly into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, switching back and forth between applications is done at the press of a button. 

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