Optimizing Supply Network in Automotive Industry



Global supply networks are an integral part of the automotive industry. Automotive relies on suppliers and manufacturing partners to build their products. Operating these networks efficiently while minimizing risk and lowering cost are paramount concerns. The automotive industry can meet these challenges by forecasting demand, sales orders, and inventory while ensuring spare parts for critical machinery.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides the automotive industry with data integration for disparate data sources and unified data models. The native integration with SAP Analytics Cloud delivers forecasting, visualizations, and real-time insights. This way, automotive customers can optimize global supply networks. For a faster time to value, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers prebuilt business content that supports the responsive supply network.


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How SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Solves Your Biggest Challenges

Forecasting Demand

Forecasting customer demand can mitigate lost sales and improve your customer’s experience. Accurate demand forecasting requires centralized data sources that provide a clear overview of the entire supply network.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud unites data from different sources like SAP S/4HANA as well as non-SAP systems, to create one robust data layer with models that span multiple data sources. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Data Flow Builder offers the entire end-to-end process for self-service integration of data sources. Prebuilt business content provides the unified data models to bring budget data, showroom and online enquires, campaign and promotions plans, historical and real-time google trends data, historical vehicle characteristics, inventory, and historical demand.

With this unified data layer feeding directly into your analytics tool, automotive customers can accurately forecast demand for better decision making.

Inventory Optimization

Inventory optimization lowers costs across the entire supply network. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud can analyze supply network data in real-time. Prebuilt business content gives you an understanding of your whole supply chain with a visualized global inventory. With a live connection to your consolidated data, prebuilt SAP Analytics Cloud visualizations let you dive into IoT sensor data, specific products, lots, or shipping trays. Detect inventory problems in real-time and use predictive analytics to understand, for example, why you have an inventory excess or shortage.

Maintaining critical machinery requires an ongoing supply of spare parts. If machinery fails when parts aren’t available, the downtime can be costly. SAP Analytics Cloud visualizes the consolidated information for each spare part across the whole supply chain.


Create and Monitor Real-time Data Connections

Monitor and Create Connection

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud can replicate or virtualize data in real-time from all data sources. Quickly monitor and create connections from the comfort of a single centralized environment. The full list of connections, including the connection’s name, owner, creation date, and type, for example, SAP HANA, is available for each Space. You can also drill down on specifics like how often replicated data is refreshed – select real-time or do it manually – in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Data Integration Monitor.


Integrated Analytics

End-to-End Solution

SAP Analytics Cloud is integrated seamlessly into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Switching back and forth between applications is done at the press of a button. Take your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud models and effortlessly generate SAP Analytic Cloud Stories before sharing them.

Single Point of Access to All Your Data

Trust In Your Data

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud consolidates all your data, providing a central access layer to all your data regardless of its source, age, or size. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s virtualization enables data to be accessed remotely without copying or moving the data. Alternatively, replicate and store large amounts of data from remote sources or upload data from local files like CSV. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Data Flow Builder offers ETL/ELT services like data transformation to create a high-performing data layer.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Spaces are isolated environments that allow departments to explore data. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Space Management enables IT to see and govern all Spaces and data sources. While each Space is isolated, the data remains centrally administered and connected in real-time to the organization’s underlying data. Space members can establish connections to new data sources and upload local data before sharing real-time insights with other departments.

SaaS Offering: Start Small, Scale Big


As a SaaS offering, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud requires no upfront investment, and SAP handles management and maintenance. The flexibility to start small and scale up over time means there’s no risk in trying several pilot projects to assess your needs. From there, you can go forward with a long-term hybrid solution with all the benefits of the cloud and on-premise or make a transition to the cloud with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

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