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The consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) industry utilizes plenty of data. With massive marketing budgets, they must allocate spending on initiatives that will increase sales. However, because CPGs traditionally sell through retailers, they often face challenges in acquiring and analyzing data that can limit the impact of marketing budgets. Today, many CPG companies are moving towards a holistic approach to data analysis with different departments – sales, product, R&D, operations, and marketing – consolidating data into one centralized solution.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides the CPG industry with flexible data integration for disparate data sources and unified data models. The native integration with SAP Analytics Cloud delivers forecasting, visualizations, and real-time insights. This way, CPG customers can optimize and adapt their business to meet any new market challenges facing the industry. For a faster time to value, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers prebuilt business content that supports revenue optimization and marketing.


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How SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Solves Your Biggest Challenges

Single Cohesive View of Data Across Multiple Systems 

CPG companies have extensive supply-chains, with various data sources spread across different departments, plants, retailers, and distribution centers. Product definitions – consumer units, material items or product items – and sizing differences across products or packaging options can also be a source of added complexity. To cut down complexity, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud unites all these data sources into one central access layer that offers simple analysis and reporting with SAP Analytics Cloud.
Connections are available for all sources, including SAP S/4HANA for sales and pricing data, DSIM data in SAP BW/4HANA, SAP BW, and non-SAP sources. You can also integrate flat files to include social media data, retail customer data, social sentiment for end customers, and on orders vs. shipments/delivery. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud can replicate or virtualize data from these sources to create one source of truth with complex data models that span multiple data sources.
With centralized data, business users can easily monitor ordered products’ shipments in line with service level agreements and delivery performance. While IT can consolidate data and leverage ETL/ELT services like pipelining or data transformation to ensure data quality as the volume and number of data sources grow. When data becomes cold, you can move it to the in-built data lake to reduce costs.


Simplify Your Data Landscape and Optimize Revenue within the CPG Industry

Wed, March 3 2021 at 11AM EST

Join this webinar to see how SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solutions benefit the CPG industry. Featuring CPG customers and SAP experts, this deep dive session will provide first-hand view of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud's prebuilt business content for CPG that optimizes your revenue and marketing efforts. You will receive highlights of the latest data trends in the CPG sector from SnapLogic, an SAP partner, and insight into how SAP Data Warehouse Cloud empowers business users to connect, model, and visualize data themselves.

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Revenue and Marketing Optimization 

When looking to grow revenue, CPG companies face an array of choices – from where to place products and advertisements to seasonal considerations. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s prebuilt business content is a collection of harmonized data models and analytical views ready for consumption in SAP Analytics Cloud.
The CPG business content package provides you with a harmonized view of your data from sales orders, material sales, and promotion sales. Instead of extracting data from different internal sources and combining it with external data, your business users can access pre-integrated data. Prebuilt SAP Analytics Cloud visualizations make use of this consolidated data to help optimize revenue and marketing.
All reports are live and up-to-date, making them easy to share with colleagues or externally. With live reports, you can see past promotions’ effectiveness and make intelligent recommendations for future promotions to meet sales objectives. The recommendations also take into consideration any new constraints and external factors such as weather. This way, you can better allocate your budget – how much to spend on promotion, which type of advertisements, and with which retailers – to maximize your ROI.

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Empower Business Users and Mitigate the Threat of Shadow IT 

To make sure your entire CPG organization can harness data, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud empowers business users to connect, model, and visualize data themselves. With an intuitive UI and the Business Layer, data is easy to model in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud using either SQL or a graphical drag-and-drop tool. Spaces provide an isolated environment where business users can model and blend global datasets with local data, like CSV files. Federation and virtualization in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud allow business users to access the data they need without IT replicating and exporting it. It’s easy for IT to jump in at any time to enhance a model for reuse throughout the organization —without having to rebuild the model in a different environment.
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a complete end-to-end solution that takes care of all your employees’ data needs from integration to modeling and analytics, to minimize the need for ad-hoc solutions. It’s also open, so you can connect any third-party tools your employees use and then govern them centrally. No matter the employee’s role or department, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud helps you define explicit authorizations and assign user roles.


Integrated Analytics

End-to-end Solution

SAP Analytics Cloud is integrated seamlessly into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, switching back and forth between applications is done at the press of a button. Take your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud models and effortlessly generate SAP Analytic Cloud Stories before sharing them. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud comes with five SAP Analytics Cloud licenses.


Data Lake Data of Any Size 

Additional cost-effective storage is always quickly available by connecting SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to SAP HANA Cloud’s data lake. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud runs on the SAP HANA Cloud engine and enables you to take advantage of its data lake. Perfect for storing large amounts of data, SAP HANA Cloud’s data lake offers complete SQL access to data with great performance. You can scale computing and storage as needed to lower costs. To get set up, you need to assign an SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Space to the data lake. Currently, only one Space can be assigned to access and use the data lake. Read more here.


Complete Resource Control and Flexible Allocation 

Spaces in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provide individual lines of business a chance to explore and share data with colleagues. They offer agile control over resources so IT can focus on innovation. Space Management gives an overview of all resources, including the total amount of used disk and in-memory. From Space Management, IT can then jump into any Space and quickly scale its disk and in-memory storage up or down. IT can adjust Space Prioritization depending on the importance of a Space to ensure its jobs are prioritized. To see who’s doing what, Space Auditing shows you who has read or made changes to every Space’s data.

SaaS Offering

Start Small, Scale Big 

As a SaaS offering, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides your employees with complete flexibility to access data whenever and wherever they are. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud requires no upfront investment, and SAP handles management and maintenance. The flexibility to start small and scale up over time means there’s no risk in trying several pilot projects to assess your needs. From there, you can go forward with a long-term hybrid solution with all the benefits of the cloud and on-premise or transition to the cloud with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

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