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Run Smoother Operations with Centrally Governed Data Models


With data landscapes growing increasingly complex, it is becoming more challenging to connect the right tools to the right users. To run smooth and efficient operations, you need to move the complexity of the systems and processes to the right level of your data landscape. The best run organizations need a sophisticated solution to empower employees to use data in their day-to-day work without giving up central governance.


For the operations departments that use SAP Analytics Cloud to explore enterprise data and discover insights, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a perfect complement that can help you connect data coming from different external and internal function areas, like sales, social sentiment, and finance, for a company-wide governed data model.


With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can enhance and govern data models created by different LoBs and reuse them in the whole organization. Define the business layer and map it to the robust data layer and optimize your processes for large-scale volume across your data landscape to provide a single source of truth to your employees.


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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Solves Your Biggest Challenges

Enterprise-grade governance 

With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, IT can consolidate data and leverage advanced ETL/ELT services like pipelining or data transformation to create a robust high-performing data layer. IT or business users can then define data access by creating and governing complex data models. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, data engineers can trace and monitor the LoB-created models and create centrally governed ones.


Balance secure central governance, on the fly change requests, and business user empowerment with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Spaces. Spaces are isolated environments that allow business users to explore data. While each Space is isolated, the data remains centrally governed and connected in real-time to the organization’s underlying data.

Keep data where you want it

With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud you can either virtualize or replicate your data. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s virtualization enables data to be accessed remotely without copying or moving the data. Connect your relevant data sources to a desired SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Space and allow business users to access real-time data and work with the same datasets for a single version of the truth. Data replication capabilities let you drill down on specifics like how often replicated data is refreshed – select real-time or do it manually.

Increase your resource control

Spaces in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offer agile control over resources so IT can focus on innovation. Space Management gives an overview of all resources, including the total amount of disk and in-memory being used. You can create one Space for the finance department, and another for sales. You can combine data models created in each of the Spaces and deploy them for reuse in the rest of the organization.


From Space Management, IT can quickly scale its disk and in-memory storage up or down. Space Prioritization can be adjusted depending on the importance of a Space. When a Space sends a job to the database, it will be handled based on the Space’s priority and Workload-Management Class in relation to other Spaces. Data, data models, and objects can be shared across Spaces and Space Auditing shows you who has read or made changes to the data in every Space.

Work with large datasets

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud consolidates all your data, providing a single point of trusted access to your data regardless of its source, age, or size. This solution can replicate and store large amounts of data from remote sources, or you can upload large datasets from local files, like .CSV. Data tracing and monitoring allow you to identify any errors in your uploads.

More Features

Business Layer

Separate the business layer from data layer

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Business Layer bridges the gap between the underlying data and secure business-friendly access. The Business Layer can be used to allow business users to create models using business terminology. Expose business users to relevant business data while removing complexity of understanding the technical data elements. 

By mapping business terminology to the underlying data elements, IT empowers business users to understand, model, and analyze the data

Data Modeling

Enhanced data modeling capabilities

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud empowers business users to create more robust and complex data models. An intuitive user interface and the Business Layer help make data more understandable. SQL and graphical drag-and-drop, in turn, allow for enhanced self-service data modeling. The models can be consumed directly in SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud also augments your modeling by enabling you to import larger local datasets, connect to external and geospatial data, and upload large flat files.

SaaS Offering

Start small, scale big

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a fully integrated enterprise-ready data warehouse in the cloud. As a SaaS offering, it requires no upfront investment, and management and maintenance are handled by SAP. The flexibility to start small and scale up over time means there’s no risk in trying several pilot projects to assess your needs.   

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