Innovate Your
Data Warehousing


Accessing the right data must be quick to keep up the increasingly fast pace of business.
To ensure your data is available when you need it, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
harnesses the power from SAP HANA’s in-memory computing to eliminate latency
and provide real-time insight.


For SAP BW customers, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the perfect complement
to your on-premise investment. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud integrates with
SAP BW so that you can continue to leverage your existing investment.
In this setup, SAP BW can continue to be the application responsible for
extraction and long-term storage. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud establishes an
enterprise data modeling solution designed for simplicity, speed, openness, and scale.



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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Solves Your Biggest Challenges

Simplify Your BW DataFlows

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud stores or federates data to provide access to granular data. The choice to replicate or virtualize the data is yours to make, even if you just need access to a single copy. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s virtual data models represent the business logic.


In SAP Data Warehouse Cloud changing a dataflow is straightforward compared to SAP BW. If a new data field is required, it is a simple case of modifying logic and the results are available during the next query execution. Because you no longer need to spend effort propagating changes through multiple layers of DSO’s and/or InfoCubes, you can focus more on problem-solving than temporary fixes.


By storing the data in its most granular form and converting logic into runtime objects, you can also simplify the data modeling in your analytics tools to further reduce redundancy. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and an optimized enterprise data model, any person, process, application or system can access one single version of the truth.

Accelerate Information Access for Business Users

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an end-to-end solution that puts equal emphasis on business and IT data. With an intuitive UI and the Business Layer, business users can build their own data models from SAP BW and non-SAP sources using graphical modeling tools and common business terms.


Business users also enjoy the freedom to combine their local data in files with the data delivered from IT. In SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, data from files can be uploaded and combined with existing data for use in analytics.


Finally, administrators can assign groups of business users to a Space. Spaces provide an isolated environment containing data, data modeling, and reporting objects. Business users can model and blend curated IT datasets (virtual or replicated) with local data, like CSV files. It’s also easy for IT to assist any time to enhance a model for reuse throughout the organization —without having to rebuild the model in a different environment.


More Features

The Power of the Cloud

Complete Resource Control and Flexible Allocation

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud delivers the storage flexibility of the cloud through data tiering without sacrificing performance. With the built-in data lake, you can store massive data volumes that can still be accessed rapidly. Warm data tiers offer affordable storage with high performance, and for real-time insights, there’s the SAP HANA in-memory data tier.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is open to both incoming and outgoing data. For incoming data, connect to popular on-premise and cloud data sources using SAP and partner delivered adapters. If you already have an existing ETL tool such as SAP Data Services, then you can continue to leverage your existing investment. For outgoing data, an administrator can enable access to applications and users across your enterprise.

SaaS Offering

Start Small, Scale Big

As a SaaS offering and unlike on-premise deployments, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud does not require large upfront resource investments or on-going hardware maintenance. You have the flexibility to provision the size tenant right for your use cases. In addition, you also have the flexibility to migrate dataflows at a pace comfortable to your organization. In the end, your organization will benefit from a long-term hybrid solution providing all of the benefits of the cloud while still leveraging the previous years of on-premise investment.

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