SAP S/4HANA + SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Simplify Your SAP S/4HANA Data Landscape


There’s a high cost to complexity. That’s because companies prioritizing
the simplicity of their offerings, services, and processes
consistently beat the competition. The total cost of this complexity is
staggering: an estimated $98 billion is left on the table by companies who
keep things too complicated, according to the Brand Simplicity Index.


SAP S/4HANA, an intelligent ERP system, transforms business processes
to help organizations cut down on complexity. However, for organizations to
become as efficient as possible, it’s critical for the underlying data infrastructure
to also be simplified. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud works with SAP S4/HANA to
operationalize your data, simplify your system infrastructure, and
automate your processes to make your organization
even more efficient.


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How SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Augments Your SAP S/4HANA Experience

Business User Empowerment

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud empowers business users to import, connect, and model data themselves. An intuitive UI and the Business Layer help make data more understandable. SQL and graphical drag-and-drop, in turn, allow for enhanced self-service data modeling. The models can be consumed directly in SAP Analytics Cloud. 


Additionally, with SAP Data Warehouse Clouyou can combine your operational data with departmental data sources, like flat files. With the upcoming cross-Space sharing feature, you’ll be able to save time for your peers and share data models for reuse. Data engineers can also trace and monitor the LoB-created models and create centrally governed ones. 

Simplify Your Data Landscape

A complex data landscape leads to equally complex business processes. Whether you’re pursuing a cloud-first or on-premise strategy, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud integrates with your current investments, including SAP BW, SAP BW/4HANA and SAP HANA, as well as SAP Analytics Cloud as the visualization layer. 


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud lets you make a choice on how to connect it to SAP S/4HANA


LEARN MORE: SAP S/4 HANA (on-premise and Cloud) Integration with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.


Data Warehouse Cloud empowers business users to connect, model, and visualize data,  minimizing the need for ad-hoc solutions. It’s also open so you can connect any third-party tools your employees use allowing to continue to govern your data centrally. No matter the employee’s role or department, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud helps you define clear authorizations and assign user roles. Spaces provide IT with company-wide visibility and governance over any data sources and connections. 

Turn Data into Action

Organizations succeed when they cut down the time need to transform data into insights and then into action. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will allow you to set KPIs, establish certain thresholds (such as when an inventory stock drops below a certain level), and send alerts to the relevant stakeholders.  


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud comes with rich data modeling features providing business users with self-service capabilities. End users are not enabled to connect their data sources and upload robust flat files to explore more data sets and discover more precise insights.  


The upcoming KPI Builder will give you a clear view of how your business is doing, which targets are being met, and allow you to automate your business’ operations across all your systems based on the on the set goals. By building the right KPIs, everyone will be able to cut down the time needed to turn data into action.  


Single Point of Access to All Your Data

Without a data warehouse, it’s hard to ensure data quality. As the volume and number of data sources grow, the complexity of your data environment can become inefficient, hinder performance, and increase costsOvertimeIT will be able to consolidate all data sources: SAP, non-SAP, on prem, and cloud. 


IT can then define data access by creating and governing complex data models. Connections to remote systems or data sources can be created and monitored within each Space in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The full list of connections, including the connection’s name, owner, creation date, and type, is available for each Space.  

Data access can be virtualized or replicated. You can also drill down on specifics like how often replicated data is refreshed – select real-time or do it manually – in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Data Integration Monitor. Security and Admin governance in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud extends to IP and Data Provisioning Agent management. 

More Features


Complete Resource Control and Flexible Allocation

Spaces in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offer agile control over resources so IT can focus on innovation. Space Management gives an overview of all resources, including the total amount of disk and in-memory being used. From here, IT can then jump into any Space and quickly scale its disk and in-memory storage up or down. Prioritization can be adjusted depending on the importance of a Space. Each task will be handled based on the Space’s priority in relation to other Spaces. To give you greater overview of the system, auditing shows you who has read or made changes to the data in every Space. 


Keep Data where You Want It 

With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud you can either virtualize or replicate your data. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s virtualization enables data to be accessed remotely without copying or moving the data. Connect your relevant data sources to a desired SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s Space and allow business users to access real-time data and work with the same datasets for a single version of truth. Data replication capabilities let you drill down on specifics like how often replicated data is refreshed – select real-time or do it manually. 

SaaS Offering

Start Small, Scale Big

As a SaaS offering, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud requires no upfront investment. SAP handles the management and maintenance, letting you spend time on strategic tasks. The flexibility to start small and scale up over time means there’s no risk in trying several pilot projects to see how to best leverage SAP S/4HANA. From there, you can go forward with the best-fitting transformative project that simplifies your data infrastructure. 

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