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Margin-optimized Sales Intelligence

Focus your sales activities on generated margin by getting deeper insights into your sales pipeline and optimize your sales process from lead to cash. MOSAIC provides these insights by a seamless integration of predefined SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content with a sophisticated SAP Analytics Cloud story.


Sales Funnel & Data Replicated from the ERP System

In an increasing number of enterprises, sales organizations use a CRM system to increase the efficiency of their sales activities and to generate additional business. Consequently, sales activities and goal achievement of sales representatives are in many cases evaluated and steered based on data provided by the CRM system. This data typically contains not only Sales Funnel data entered by the sales organization like Leads and Opportunities but also data replicated from the ERP system especially sales orders and quotes, allowing integrated analysis, e.g. comparison of opportunity and generated sales volume.

Capability to Analyze the Contribution Margin

One functional gap in a typical operational CRM analytics environment is the capability to analyze the contribution margin, that is generated through specific sales activities. This is understandable because margin-calculation is based on complex contribution margin schemes in the ERP system. MOSAIC addresses this functional gap providing concerted DWC-Content to integrate SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP S/4HANA data as well as a sophisticated dashboard to display information about sales activities and generated margin allowing sales representatives and managers to set their focus on activities that generates significant margin for the enterprise.

Why Syskoplan Reply?

Syskoplan Reply specialized in consulting services.


Syskoplan Reply, specialized in consulting services and the implementation of SAP technologies, is gearing its offers towards customers that are preparing for the future and use SAP solutions as the core digital platform for their company.


Syskoplan Reply uses the latest SAP technologies such as SAP Leonardo, SAP Cloud Platform and enterprise applications such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP SCM, SAP SRM and SAP Analytics to implement solutions for its customers. The Digital Experience is a core area of expertise of Syskoplan Reply with the SAP Customer Experience Portfolio, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, Mobile and SAP Fiori.

Get direct Sales Intelligence insights in provided SAP Analytics Cloud story
by combining presale activities with the resulting actual sales
Live data from source systems SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP S/4HANA is integrated in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
Customer specific data is modelled and provided for reporting. Demo data can be added on request if needed.
Content Package Pricing
Data Model and Stories | Free

• Predefined SAP DWC data model
• Data joins/views and KPIs/metrics tied to demo data
• Predefined stories for Sales Representative Dashboard
• Demo data (free upon request)

Data Warehouse Cloud Strategy Workshop on margin-optimized sales | One-time 5,000€

• Discovery Workshop to assess the strategy for margin-optimized sales
• Includes use case rationalization and MVP definition
• Includes high-level assessment of data readiness
• Deliverable: Executive summary that includes use case and high-level MVP

Custom SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAC Content package | Price upon request

• Customized SAP DWC data model, Data joins/views and KPIs/metrics
• Customized SAC stories for Sales Representative Dashboard

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