Accenture Future-proofs their Application with SAP HANA Cloud

Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. The Accenture Newspage application is a distribution management system for consumer goods and services, used by sales organizations all over the world. To future-proof NewsPage and help clients store more data at a lower cost, Accenture decided to migrate NewsPage from SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry to SAP HANA Cloud. Now, Accenture NewsPage offers real-time data analysis and a lower total cost of ownership.

To Eddy Ooi, Software Implementation Technical Architecture Lead at Accenture, SAP HANA Cloud will have a positive impact on both Accenture and their NewsPage users: "SAP HANA Cloud will help us to tier our data, so we can optimize our price-for-performance ratio. It will make a big difference for us and our clients."

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Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

Accenture used third-party analytics to analyze data with NewsPage, but this caused delays between incoming transactional data and analyzing that data.  It often took between 24 and 48 hours for full analysis reports to become available.

NewsPage stored data in-memory, but with ever-growing amounts of data, storage costs added up quickly. NewsPage users usually only need high performance for portions of their data. Accenture wanted a way to tier their data for a better cost-performance ratio.

And lastly, Accenture wanted to ensure that NewsPage would offer consistent high availability to their clients, and that its performance wouldn’t be impacted by heavy usage.



By migrating to SAP HANA Cloud, Accenture will continue to boost NewsPage’s performance across the board. SAP HANA Cloud is capable of performing analysis on live transactional data, so users won’t have to wait days to make informed business decisions.

SAP HANA Cloud makes it easy for users to tier their data. In addition to in-memory storage, SAP HANA Cloud also offers a Native Storage Extension option. This is less expensive than in-memory storage, but data here remains easily accessible, making it ideal for less frequently used data.

And finally, with consistently high availability, SAP HANA Cloud ensures that NewsPage remains highly accessible for clients.



Accenture used the self-service migration tool for SAP HANA Cloud, which helped Accenture make the migration from SAP HANA Cloud Service on Cloud Foundry in 4 simple steps. The pre-migration checker and schema capabilities in the tool significantly reduced the manual effort of the migration, and allowed Accenture to complete the migration without any unwelcome surprises.

NewsPage can now store mission-critical “hot” data in-memory, while placing less urgent “warm” data in the native storage extension, gaining a lower TCO. Accenture is also looking forward to using SAP HANA Cloud’s built-in Data Lake, which can store massive amounts of data at an even lower cost, while allowing users to perform complex analytics on said data. SAP HANA Cloud instantly analyzes incoming transactional data, eliminating wait times and granting faster speed to insight. And with separated instances, backups and recoveries won’t disturb other clients.

Accenture is looking forward to other new opportunities that SAP HANA Cloud will provide, such as business operations monitoring. They also plan to utilize the SAP platform’s analytics capabilities for predictive insights. With this migration, Accenture helped future-proof their NewsPage application for their clients.

With SAP HANA Cloud, data will remain easily accessible and highly available to NewsPage users, even during heavy usage.

Eddy Ooi, Software Implementation Technical Architecture Lead at Accenture

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