Acea Group Scales by Migrating to SAP HANA Cloud

Acea Group is an Italian multi-utility company providing top quality essential services such as water, energy, lighting, and waste treatment. Faced with growing amounts of data, Acea Group needed to scale its data capabilities. They accomplished this by migrating from SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry to SAP HANA Cloud, a fully managed cloud database as a service.

With this improved hybrid data landscape powered by SAP HANA Cloud, Acea Group now enjoys the scalability of the cloud, advanced data storage capabilities, and improved application building.

9 million residents provided with water services in Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, and Campania
10 terawatt hours of electricity distributed
1.2 million tons of waste managed annually

SAP HANA Cloud gives us the flexibility to easily scale our data capabilities. This gives us a lot of agility when we need to expand – and it helps us reduce operational costs and infrastructure investment.

Daniele Giannini, Enterprise Architect Specialist
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Defining the Data Problem

Being a multi-utility company with diverse lines of business, Acea Group generates a vast amount of data from a variety of sources. This mix includes SAP, non-SAP, on-premise, and cloud sources. To manage this data, Acea Group used SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry as one of their cloud solutions. They had eight different applications totaling 250 GB running on this platform. However, they needed to build off this and improve flexibility to better handle future growth.

With their previous landscape, Acea Group was unable to easily scale storage and computing power based on their actual Cloud consumption. Expanding these capabilities required upfront costs that took time to implement. Optimizing both costs and performance was also difficult. Building applications that could scale with their growth of data also proved challenging.

In short, Acea Group needed much more agility and flexibility to deliver the best customer service possible. They found exactly what they needed with SAP HANA Cloud, which features scaling capabilities, a built-in data lake, and a powerful application platform.


Scaling with SAP HANA Cloud

By migrating to SAP HANA Cloud, Acea Group gained the scaling capabilities they were looking for. Acea Group, like most organizations, deals with an ever-growing amount of data. Now, with compute and storage separated, the organization easily scales up or down based on usage. During times of heavy load, they can scale up without any upfront investment. When these loads lighten, they scale down. In the end, they only pay for what they use.

SAP HANA Cloud is fully managed as a service, which helps boost Acea Group’s productivity. This frees up time and resources to focus on more strategic tasks, rather than worrying about their data storage or computing power.


Deploying the Data Lake

Being able to scale up or down is just one of the improvements Acea Group gained with SAP HANA Cloud. A key part of their revamped data landscape is the data lake, which comes included with SAP HANA Cloud.

Now, all of Acea Group’s data can be managed with a reasonable life cycle. Thanks to the tiering options in SAP HANA Cloud, critical data can continue being stored with in-memory storage, while urgent data be stored in the data lake. This keeps costs down while delivering the high-speed performance that wasn’t possible on previous cold data storage solutions.


Building Powerful Applications

To make the most of their data, Acea Group knew they would need to build powerful applications that could be used by all different stakeholders. SAP HANA Cloud offers a familiar environment for application development, which lets developers quickly get started with the right tools and framework. To start, they easily migrated eight applications (including Java, SAP, and Android apps) across four different environments, from sandbox to production. This entire migration to SAP HANA Cloud was seamlessly completed with zero impact to business continuity and regular operations.

However, migrating existing apps to the flexible environment provided by SAP HANA Cloud was just the beginning. From the start, Acea Group wanted to build all-new apps that leverage this new environment. With this new platform, these apps enjoy better performance, improved data consumption, and a database administration that’s easier to manage.

SAP HANA Cloud also offers brand-new capabilities by supporting the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAPM). This framework of languages, libraries, and tools to improve how organizations like Acea Group build their enterprise-grade applications. With this framework, organizations elevate their app-building capabilities.


Built for the Future

By migrating to SAP HANA Cloud, Acea Group gains the flexible hybrid data landscape they needed. They gain true scalability. The built-in data lake helps them store large amounts of data at a low cost.  At the same time, the developer-friendly environment helps build innovative apps for any situation.

All this flexibility is just the beginning for Acea Group. In the future, they see themselves using SAP HANA Cloud to centrally manage all data from on-premise sources such as SAP S/4HANA and third-party cloud sources. Acea Group has the tools needed to elevate their data strategy even higher.

Our strategy is to future-proof our data capabilities. SAP HANA Cloud perfectly aligns with this goal and frees up IT to focus on strategic tasks. By migrating from SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry, we now have all the tools we need for our strategy.

Daniele Giannini, Enterprise Architect Specialist

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