Banco Atlántida Conquers Big Data with SAP HANA Cloud

Founded more than 100 years ago, Banco Atlántida is Honduras’ first-ever bank. Today, they’re the best-known financial services institution in the country, with more than one million clients. This large national footprint generates a massive amount of data needing to be readily and reliably accessible. That’s why they deployed SAP HANA Cloud, a cloud-native database as a service, to implement a flexible data tiering strategy.

By extending their on-premise SAP HANA database with SAP HANA Cloud, the database foundation of SAP Business Technology Platform, Banco Atlántida gained complete control of their big data landscape.

Now, the IT department can focus on leveraging meaningful data to offer better products and services. Yesenia Maria Sosa Medina, Data Warehouse Manager at Banco Atlántida, says, “We’re able to save so many hours of work with SAP HANA Cloud. This is invaluable for us since we have to deal with fast-scaling amounts of data.”

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Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

Banco Atlántida stores decades worth of data from their customers, including individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Some of this data goes so far back that it’s stored on magnetic tapes. The challenge for Banco Atlántida’s IT and compliance teams was that all data — whether recent or decades-old — needed to be easily accessible and provided to customers when requested. Failing to provide the data quickly resulted in government fines, so speed was essential for each inquiry from the compliance department.

However, retrieving this data was a highly manual and time-consuming process that took days. Adding to the challenge was that the amount of new data being generated continued to grow. This meant more strain on resources and costs.

The growing amount of data became a heavy burden on the IT team, who needed to balance the inquiries with innovating for the future. Banco Atlántida sought to leverage big data for innovative use cases, which would give business insights to stakeholders across the organization and improve customer service. With their previous data landscape, valuable insights were locked away.



With these challenges in mind, Banco Atlántida sought a flexible and scalable data management solution. And with SAP HANA Cloud, they received the tools they needed to give value to their data.

The data tiering capabilities were invaluable for Banco Atlántida’s data management strategy. For critical data, Banco Atlántida used the high-speed in-memory data tier and native storage extension in SAP HANA.

For both new and old compliance data, Banco Atlántida used SAP HANA Cloud’s built-in data lake. The data lake service allows them to affordably store vast amounts of data up to a petabyte scale. All the offline data from magnetic tapes is now online and instantly accessible with minimum effort.  Queries can be performed on both structured and unstructured data located within the data lake.

With the speed and convenience offered by the data lake, IT saves both time and money. Thanks to the flexible pricing and low TCO provided by SAP HANA Cloud, they’re able to reduce costs.



Banco Atlántida’s IT department is now freed up to focus on strategic tasks. SAP HANA Cloud lays the groundwork for future big data innovations to help this storied institution continue to grow.

IT plans to deploy machine learning to unlock essential insights from their data. By connecting SAP HANA Cloud to SAP Data Intelligence, a powerful tool for data orchestration, they’ll be able to deploy a model that will help them better understand which customers will be the most reliable. These capabilities were previously impossible – but soon, they’ll be able to make a positive impact on the business.

Furthermore, they plan to leverage troves of social media data to understand the satisfaction of customers better. With this information at hand, they’ll be able to provide better services and products to all their customers.  All of this is made possible with their new data landscape powered by SAP HANA Cloud.

“The data tiering capabilities we gained SAP HANA Cloud set us up for future growth. We’re now able to focus on delivering innovation that helps improve the customer experience.”

Yesenia Maria Sosa Medina, Data Warehouse Manager at Banco Atlántida

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