Dobler Consulting Helps Their Clients Scale with SAP HANA Cloud

Dobler Consulting is a database services and information technology company based in Florida. They provide a broad spectrum of solutions to hundreds of clients across different industries, including financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing.

A large part of Dobler’s business revolves around maintenance and administration of the Sybase portfolio of products for their clients—namely, SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server. But as database technology continues to move towards the cloud, many of Dobler’s clients are looking for cloud solutions. Dobler is confident that SAP HANA Cloud’s new services, built on SAP ASE and SAP IQ, will provide their clients with the cloud capabilities they need.

For Raju Chidambaram, CTO at Dobler, “SAP HANA Cloud presents all kinds of new opportunities to our clients, from easier disaster recovery to increased scalability.”

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Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

Dobler’s clients often face difficulties with maintaining and upgrading their on-premise systems. Physical hardware maintenance and expansion takes time and expenditure, making it hard to scale quickly.

Database backup and recovery is another high priority for Dobler. Their clients rely on proprietary and sensitive data which is mostly kept on-premise. If systems go down, their clients could face massive revenue losses. Database recovery for on-premise systems, however, often entails time-consuming work. Dobler desires a way to simplify their backup and recovery operations.

Lastly, security is a major concern for Dobler’s clients. Keeping private data safe and protected can be expensive, especially for small or mid-sized organizations without a robust cybersecurity budget. Dobler wants to ensure that their clients have peace of mind when it comes to data security.


SAP HANA Cloud’s new Adaptive Server Enterprise and data lake services are built on SAP ASE and SAP IQ. Existing SAP ASE and SAP IQ databases can be moved to SAP HANA Cloud, where their high-performance transactional and analytical capabilities will be augmented by SAP HANA Cloud’s enhanced scalability and flexibility. As cloud-based fully managed services, Dobler’s clients won’t have to install new hardware or expand their existing infrastructure. Instead, Dobler can increase storage or computing power for clients with just a click.

SAP HANA Cloud also makes database backup and recovery much easier. A cloud database recovery option will spare clients from needing to rely on their own servers: even if their own-premise hardware goes down or suffers an outage, their data will be backed up to the cloud and easily recoverable. This is especially beneficial for Dobler’s clients who have struggled with backups due to space and hardware limitations.

And with SAP HANA Cloud’s world-class data encryption, Dobler’s clients will have peace of mind that their data is safe and secure in the cloud.


With SAP HANA Cloud, Dobler will simplify their operations for both themselves and their customers. Setting up new clients, scaling, and database recovery will be easier than ever, and data will be encrypted and protected without any additional expense on the client’s behalf.

In addition to these benefits, Dobler sees potential for other improvements. Testing, for example, could be difficult for clients who had limited on-premise storage space. Now, Dobler can create cloud-based instances so their clients can have a completely separate testing environment. And SAP HANA Cloud’s world-class encryption will ensure that data is safe and secure, which will benefit Dobler’s smaller clients who don’t have big cybersecurity budgets. With SAP HANA Cloud, Dobler will help their clients keep up as database technology continues to evolve, so that they’re prepared for future innovation.

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