Hitachi High-Tech Saves Costs, Time with SAP HANA Cloud

Hitachi High-Tech, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate, creates cutting-edge technologies in a range of business segments. What ties all these segments together – nanotechnology, industrial solutions, and analytics – is the drive to constantly improve and innovate. That’s why Hitachi High-Tech deployed SAP HANA Cloud as a part of their ongoing hybrid data strategy. By migrating from SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry, they quickly gained the flexible data environment needed to fuel future innovation.

80% reduction in database costs by migrating to SAP HANA Cloud

For Takuya Sakai, Managing Director and General Manager of Hitachi High-Tech’s digital transformation division, migrating to SAP HANA Cloud “allows us to be more agile than ever before. Saving on both costs and time is an enormous benefit to my entire team.”

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Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

Hitachi High-Tech embarked on a massive transformation of their data architecture. By extending their existing on-premise investments to the cloud, Hitachi High-Tech plans to accelerate the decision-making process and gain deeper insights from their data. With those ambitious goals. Hitachi High-Tech began the process of standardizing their different systems through a hybrid extension to the cloud. To make this transformation a success, they needed a new landscape that would give them flexibility.

Previously, Hitachi High-Tech used SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry as part of their data landscape to power applications. However, this setup proved too inflexible – both in performance and in cost – to serve their needs. SAP HANA Service’s minimum tenant size of 256 GB on Cloud Foundry/Azure was too big in most cases, leading to unnecessary costs. Even in moments where a greater size was needed, SAP HANA Service’s ability to scale up wasn’t agile enough and they would have to add another instance.



To help turn their planned hybrid data landscape into a reality, Hitachi High-Tech turned to the flexibility of SAP HANA Cloud, the next evolution of SAP HANA Service. The new self-service scaling capabilities make it easy to scale up or down based on their needs. Compute and storage can be separately scaled, offering greater agility

With the consumption-based pricing offered by SAP HANA Cloud, Hitachi High-Tech now only pays for what they use. The minimum size for an instance is 30 GB memory and 120 GB storage, which better suits Hitachi High-Tech’s needs.

SAP HANA Cloud helps extend on-premise environments through its robust connection options. As the amount of data and its sources continues to grow, SAP HANA Cloud easily connects to these sources. This makes it easier to gain the insights needed for timely decision-making.



Hitachi’s goals when deploying SAP HANA Cloud were simple: save time and money, while gaining agility for future innovations. They accomplished exactly that. As they continue extending their on-premise investments, Hitachi High-Tech can easily ramp up their capacity through SAP HANA Cloud when needed.

Migrating to SAP HANA Cloud, the database management foundation of SAP Business Technology Platform, was an intuitive process. Thanks to the self-service migration tool, Hitachi High-Tech easily migrated all seven of their applications from SAP HANA Cloud Service. In this new cloud-native environment, Hitachi High-Tech gains the flexibility they always wanted.


We’re undergoing a complete transformation of our data landscape. SAP HANA Cloud is an important of that transformation. We gained the flexibility we needed to make an impact.

Takuya Sakai, Managing Director and General Manager, Digital Transformation Division

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