Kronva Helps Their Clients Modernize with SAP HANA Cloud

Kronva is a UK-based data and database management consultancy with decades of experience. Originally founded to provide expert project and support services for SAP ASE and SAP IQ (previously known as the Sybase portfolio), Kronva now offers a broad range of services around different products, from migration to modernization to database health checks.

With the direction of database technology today, many of Kronva’s clients are aiming for the cloud, desiring an easier way to scale and more flexible pricing. The new SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise and data lake components are built for the power of SAP ASE and SAP IQ in the cloud, and Kronva sees these components as the ideal solution for their clients. To Mike Evans, Director at Kronva, "SAP HANA Cloud is a fantastic addition to the product stack, and complements the Kronva service offering perfectly. It will allow customers the flexibility to deploy a range of their database workloads in a managed cloud environment, on what we consider to be the most stable of platforms."


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Scaling with on-premise systems is a daunting task, as it takes time and effort. Hardware must be ordered, installed, and maintained. To keep up with ever-growing data requirements, Kronva’s clients need to be able to scale in a more efficient way.

As with any business, Kronva wants to make sure their clients have control of their costs. For on-premise systems, demand needs to be predicted in advance, due to the time it takes to expand or upgrade, as mentioned above. Under- or over-predicting future capacity is a costly mistake. Kronva wants to give their clients more budget flexibility.

Moving or deploying databases in the cloud is also a major undertaking, and can put a strain on IT resources. While modernization is essential in the long run, it’s easy to keep putting it off while focusing on day-to-day upkeep. Kronva wants to ensure that their clients are equipped and ready for all the cloud has to offer.


SAP HANA Cloud, ASE and data lake are easy to scale: more storage space or computing power can be added with just a click, eliminating wait times and the manual work needed to install new hardware.

On top of this, SAP HANA Cloud offers consumption-based pricing, which ensures that companies only pay for what they use. This will help users get a clear overview of what they’re paying and when, for better control of their TCO.

Finally, Kronva’s clients can be confident that their journey to the cloud is in good hands. Kronva’s database health check assesses requirements to ensure that nothing is missed before starting the process. And since SAP HANA Cloud is a fully managed software-as-a-service, Kronva’s clients won’t have to worry about overburdening their IT teams with extra work.


SAP HANA Cloud, ASE and data lake will allow Kronva’s clients to modernize their data landscapes, to benefit from efficient scaling and better control of their TCO. IT resources can be freed up to focus on new and innovative projects, instead of tedious manual work.

Kronva is looking forward to helping their clients make the move, from assessments and planning to the delivery itself. Here’s what Mike Evans, Director at Kronva, had to say: “In addition to being an SAP Services Partner, the whole team at Kronva is excited to be in the SAP Migration Factory Program. We look forward to progressing discussions with customers, both old and new, to assist them in their cloud adoption.”

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