Leading Biotech Company Builds Cloud-first Strategy with SAP HANA Cloud

This global leader in biotechnology is committed to creating a cloud-first data management strategy to turn data into value for its partners and customers. To turn that vision into a reality, they deployed SAP HANA Cloud to easily consume data from all sources – on premise, cloud, SAP, and non-SAP – and unite their different data solutions with a single access layer. The benefits, ranging from scalability to connectivity to app innovation, bring this company closer to the goal of leveraging the cloud for all their data needs.

The biotechnology company, based in Europe, provides products for customers in diverse industries around the world. With so many data sources and a vast customer base, the organization sought to leverage the cloud to get value from all their data sources and gain the flexibility that comes from being able to scale computing power and storage up and down. To make all that happen, the company chose SAP HANA Cloud to be their center of the data landscape.

To make our cloud-first data strategy possible, we needed the right tool for the job. SAP HANA Cloud brings all our data together and gives us everything we need for our cloud transformation.

Developments and Integration Manager

Defining the Data Problem

One of the biggest challenges facing the company was the inability to scale their data needs. With data scattered across different on-premise and cloud data sources as well as many applications. The process is also very often time-consuming and problematic.

As a fast-growing company, they had to keep pace with the fast-changing technology development and make sure it offers the best solutions and efficient business process to the customers and partners.

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How SAP HANA Cloud Helps

Central Storage and Access Layer of Data

SAP HANA Cloud offers seamlessly connection of the organization’s data irrespective of its source – on-premise, in the cloud, or SAP or non-SAP sources. With SAP HANA Cloud, data can be replicated or virtualized, providing the firm with real-time access to all their data. With SAP HANA Cloud as a central data access layer, they can quickly harness the value of their data to make timely business decisions.

The single data access layer was just one of the key benefits of SAP HANA Cloud that made it the perfect solution for the firm’s cloud-first strategy and transformation.

Truly Scalable and Flexible

When the organization deployed SAP HANA Cloud, they immediately gained the benefit of scalability. With SAP HANA Cloud as their centralized data storage management solution, they could scale up and down based on their exact needs. During high capacity times, they scaled up without requiring upfront investment. This helped improve the flexibility and efficiency of their operation.

Low-Cost Storage Option with Data Lake and Data Tiering

SAP HANA Cloud provided flexibility to go along with that scalability. Thanks to the data tiering capabilities, the company can now choose how to store their data. The built-in data lake proved to be an invaluable way to store large amounts of data at a low cost. For data that needed to be accessed more regularly, in-memory storage and the native storage extension can be used. Data can be moved between these tiers, ensuring the high performance and reduced costs that they initially sought.

Saving Development Resources (and Costs) with E2E Solutions

A key driver for their cloud-first strategy is to optimize limited IT and development resources. With SAP HANA Cloud, they can connect to different SaaS solutions from SAP, like SAP Success Factors and SAP Concur, and other non-SAP solutions. SAP HANA Cloud’s ability to connect to different systems and applications quickly, offers the organization a real end to end solution that can help optimize their development resources.

Bringing Innovation to Business

When a specific SaaS solution is not available, the company will develop its own. Behind every powerful application is a robust database. As a central data entry point that provides real-time access, SAP HANA Cloud is perfect for building applications. SAP HANA cloud offers development-friendly environment for developers to make everything more efficient and reduce the need for development resources. SAP HANA Cloud also has the transactional and advanced analytical processing capability, which enables the company to continue to focus on building innovative and intelligent applications for their partners and customers.

Use Case: Building an App to Improve Efficiency

Before SAP HANA Cloud was deployed, the varying approval levels of global suppliers were managed in a Z table within their on-premise ERP system. Making changes within this system required multiple emails and manual entry. With SAP HANA Cloud, this entire process was streamlined and automated.

By developing an application on SAP HANA Cloud, they could make any changes or updates to the data in the cloud. Through virtualization, the data could be more easily and accurately updated without the need for multiple emails and manual entries.


The Future of Data

The biotechnology company plans to move to the cloud completely. Until then, they need to make the most of their on-premise systems and have flexibility while making this transformation. SAP HANA Cloud accomplishes everything needed. With SAP HANA Cloud at the center of their landscape, the company can scale whenever needed. With reduced costs and greater flexibility, this organization has the tools they need with SAP HANA Cloud to pursue its cloud-first data strategy.

There are lots of great SaaS on the market, and we want to take advantage of as many of them as possible. With SAP HANA Cloud, we can connect to whatever solution we want to use. Having this end to end solution has optimized our resources and improved efficiency.

Developments and Integration Manager

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