Mirgor Unites Data Sources to Innovate Manufacturing

Mirgor is a manufacturer striving to be the main developer of technological innovation in Argentina. With so many different business units and an ever-growing number of data sources, Mirgor deployed SAP HANA Cloud to gain the central data access layer needed to fuel future innovation. Now, with real-time data access and a complete view of all their sources, they laid the groundwork to implement innovative machine learning and predictive algorithms.

Mirgor gained these capabilities by migrating from SAP HANA Service on Neo to SAP HANA Cloud, a cloud-native database as a service. With this new data landscape, the entire organization, from junior employees to the C-level, gain accurate, real-time insights. The C-level employees use SAP Analytics Cloud, which provides business intelligence, augmented analytics, and enterprise planning capabilities all in one cloud-based solution.

For Carlos Unamuno, SAP Basis Administrator at Mirgor, this new data landscape made a huge impact on how the organization uses data. “Now, our reporting is greatly improved, with faster and more accurate results.”

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Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

The main challenge Mirgor previously faced was a lack of integration between their various data sources. They deploy a hybrid data strategy, with a mix of cloud-based data sources (such as SAP Ariba, SuccessFactors, and other non-SAP sources) in addition to on-premise data sources (like their ERP system). Between all these SAP and non-SAP sources were siloes getting in the way of analysis.

Here’s an example of what those siloes looked like. A subsidiary company of Mirgor manufactures electronics. Their ERP system handles the production data, providing orders to the factory. The subsidiary also sells their products via e-commerce and other sales channels, bringing in data from completely different systems. Without a single data access layer to bring together these diverse data sources, getting real-time insights into production proved challenging.

Across the organization, some data couldn’t be easily accessed for analysis. Other data was prone to inaccuracies or delays. Mirgor needed near real-time analysis, with the ability to process transactional and analytical data simultaneously. With those challenges in mind, Mirgor migrated from SAP HANA Service on Neo to SAP HANA Cloud.



With SAP HANA Cloud, Mirgor easily connected their global data sources in a central access layer. Whether the data comes from on-premise, cloud, SAP, or non-SAP sources, SAP HANA Cloud unites all this data into one easy-to-access repository.

With all this data connected, Mirgor can leverage the powerful hybrid transactional and analytical processing capabilities within SAP HANA Cloud. Through this processing, data can be collected, analyzed, and acted on in milliseconds.

The simple connection capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud also extend to applications. Mirgor connected SAP Analytics Cloud to their new central access layer to get real-time insights from all their data sources.


Before embarking on this project, Mirgor placed a priority on improving their reporting and analytics. With SAP HANA Cloud, the database management foundation of SAP Business Technology Platform, they gain all the tools needed to get data into the hands of stakeholders in real-time. The central access layer created by connecting all their data sources elevates the entire organization’s reporting capabilities. When a C-level executive needs insight, they know that the data they’re visualizing through SAP Analytics Cloud is accurate and timely.

Now, Mirgor can innovate for the future. With all their sources united in one place, they plan to deploy machine learning and predictive algorithms to empower their sales teams. With the powerful engine provided by SAP HANA Cloud, salespeople will be able to better predict the impact of their sales campaigns. These predictions can be directly tied to production, ensuring that no key insights are lost to siloes.

Mirgor joined the SAP HANA Cloud Early Adopter Care program to turn their use case into a reality. Join today to get expert help.

Migrating to SAP HANA Cloud helps us future-proof our data capabilities. We now get insights faster than ever before, which helps us make smart, data-backed decisions.

Carlos Unamuno, SAP Basis Administrator at Mirgor

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