MLOGICA Delivers Hyperscale Big Data Analytics with SAP HANA Cloud Data Lake

MLOGICA, founded in 2004, helps business leaders improve profitability by harnessing the power of globally dispersed enterprise data. CAP*M is MLOGICA’s flagship product, an advanced big data analytics solution.  

CAP*M can ingest and analyze huge amounts of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. But as data volumes continue to grow, CAP*M requires a more flexible and scalable cloud platform. MLOGICA sees SAP HANA Cloud as the platform they need to tackle this growth effectively, due to its new data lake service, which is built on SAP IQ.

CAP*M is already capable of loading gigantic amounts of data. But according to Michael Kane, Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Marketing at MLOGICA, “What we need is a way to scale in the cloud, while retaining that data load capability. With SAP HANA Cloud, our clients will be able to expand storage with ease, even when they’re collecting a petabyte of data per day.”  

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Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

MLOGICA’s clients use CAP*M to collect truly massive amounts of data from all over the world. Uses range from utilities data collected by smart meters to scouting and gathering sensor data in remote or cut-off areas. As the amount of data collected from these disparate sources continues to grow, MLOGICA must meet this growth by scaling in a more agile way. However, expanding current on-premise infrastructure is costly and time consuming, from hardware acquisition to physical installation.  

Clients often need to upload huge volumes of data at once. During heavy load times, slower upload speeds impact performance. In addition, the amount of data being analyzed is constantly in flux. MLOGICA needs a more elastic method of managing storage and compute power to efficiently allocate resources for the best possible performance.  

As a company that offers a wide range of database services in addition to CAP*M, MLOGICA also desires a way to minimize routine administrative tasks, such as installation, upgrades, and backups. That way, the company can focus more on development and future innovation.


The new SAP HANA Cloud data lake service is built on SAP IQ. Its design enables ingesting huge amounts of data and performing analytics on a petabyte scale. With SAP HANA Cloud, scaling up will be easier than ever before, as more storage space can be added with just a click.  

SAP HANA Cloud data lake also grants the ability to separate compute and storage when scaling. This flexibility will allow MLOGICA to dynamically adjust power during changing workloads: they’ll be able to increase computing power during heavy analysis periods and storage power during heavy load times, maximizing performance while ensuring that resources are properly utilized.  

As a fully managed database-as-a-service, SAP HANA Cloud is easy to set up. When clients purchase CAP*M licenses, MLOGICA will be able to simply deploy SAP HANA Cloud data lake instances. This will remove much of their administrative work, since management and maintenance will be handled by SAP themselves. 


SAP HANA Cloud will help simplify MLOGICA’s database administration. Scaling will no longer require additional hardware and maintenance, while its cloud-native flexibility allows MLOGICA to adjust compute and storage power on demand, granting increased control over TCO. By sparing MLOGICA from routine administration tasks, SAP HANA Cloud will free up development resources and allow more time for future-facing projects.  

In addition to these benefits, MLOGICA will be able to migrate existing IQ databases into SAP HANA Cloud data lake without needing to reformat or tailor the data for migration. This compatibility simplifies MLOGICA’s role as a supplier by preserving existing client setups.  

With enhanced scalability and flexibility, SAP HANA Cloud data lake is the way to go. As more clients move to the cloud, CAP*M on SAP HANA Cloud helps future-proof their data setups.

Michael Kane, Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Marketing

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