OneDealer Scales Their SaaS Solution with SAP HANA Cloud

OneDealer provides automotive dealers around the world with a comprehensive digital sales workplace solution. Their platform supports different lines of business by offering booking capabilities, lead management and sales process automation, digital marketing, and more. To scale their business and serve a larger customer base, OneDealer successfully migrated their SAP HANA 1.0 on-premise system to SAP HANA Cloud.

Now, they gain the full benefits of the cloud, with reduced maintenance and a central access layer for all their data. All this improves the customer experience and supports their new customer acquisition plans.

200+ Virtual machines hosting SAP HANA on-premise instances consolidated

For Michalis Fousteris, SW Development Manager at OneDealer, this new environment gained through SAP HANA Cloud gives the organization the flexibility they need to fuel future growth. “Instead of hosting and deploying hundreds of instances and dealing with all that maintenance efforts and cost, we can quickly onboard and serve customers in all-new markets.”

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Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

OneDealer serves customers around the world. Each customer requires a secure environment, tailored specifically to their region, to store their sensitive information. With a largely on-premise setup, OneDealer created hundreds of private SAP HANA instances running on virtual machines to separate the environments and maintain individual backup/recovery schemes. This level of complexity did not provide the flexibility and scalability needed to support growth plans. This setup worked from a security standpoint but lacked the scalability to handle growth.

For Michael Fousteris, it was important “to centralize everything with the cloud.” Doing so would greatly reduce efforts related to maintaining all these instances. Having this central access point in the cloud would make it easier to add new data instances and assist the continuous development and delivery processes.

By breaking down these siloes and centralizing all these instances, they wanted to save valuable time for the development team, increase delivery quality and focus on what’s most important — OneDealer’s uninterrupted and constant solution development.



SAP HANA Cloud provides OneDealer with the flexible central data access layer they needed. By migrating all their on-premise data to the cloud, OneDealer can now easily access each environment without having to worry about the maintenance of each instance running on virtual machines. Silos between all the different types and sets of data and sources are broken down in this new cloud environment. At the same time, they still benefit from the high level of security provided.

Most importantly, SAP HANA Cloud offers a single gateway to all data sources, whether they’re on-premise, cloud, SAP, or non-SAP. OneDealer, depends on various data sources to run their operations. Now, OneDealer can easily access data in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and other sources. Also, they can bring together all their different data sources through replication, virtualization, or a combination of the two.

Obtaining a fully-managed service was also important to OneDealer. Instead of focusing on labor-intensive maintenance and monitoring, they were freed up to focus on more strategic tasks. This increased stability improvements and performance gave OneDealer peace of mind when it comes to serving their customers.

For OneDealer’s development team, this new solution made their work a lot easier. Instead of tediously navigating through all different instances on virtual machines, they can now quickly access the environments needed. This results in increased productivity and makes it easier to scale.



Migrating from SAP HANA on-premise to SAP HANA Cloud, the database management foundation of SAP Business Technology Platform, gave OneDealer all the tools they needed to efficiently scale. The migration process was smooth and straightforward. Migration tools from SAP helped perform the initial analysis of the compatible and incompatible database objects and features, which helped plan the database conversion activities. The XS Migration tool from SAP also helped to significantly reduce manual effort in converting complex calculation views to XSA (HDI) model.

With this new centralized environment, expanding their services to all-new regions has now become easier than ever before. Instead of creating a labor-intensive on-premise instance running on a virtual machine, OneDealer can quickly onboard new customers and better serve their current customers. This greatly reduces maintenance and costs.

This new landscape powered by SAP HANA Cloud also sets OneDealer up for the future. They plan to fully link the data within SAP HANA Cloud to other SAP products, such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud. The connection capabilities offered by SAP HANA Cloud will make all this possible.

Based on our longstanding SAP Technology Adoption partnership [Formerly known as SAP OEM Partnership], OneDealer is now able to deliver a software as a service solution based on SAP HANA Cloud to the market.

Michalis Fousteris, SW Development Manager

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