Palladris Optimizes Their Rules Engine with SAP HANA Cloud


Palladris is a financial consultancy based in London that offers deep financial expertise and strategic business advice to their clients. PRe (Palladris Rules engine) is their flagship product, built to address a giant gap in the market: a solution for controlling and monitoring cross-border transactions.

To meet the exploding data requirements of the finance industry, PRe supports SAP HANA Cloud as its chosen platform. Palladris is confident that SAP HANA Cloud’s upcoming cloud services, built on SAP ASE and SAP IQ, will provide PRe with the perfect toolkit to meet and exceed the complex data demands of international markets.

SAP HANA Cloud and its new ASE and data lake services offer the scalability and reliability we need—exactly what it will take to match the pace of the world’s financial markets.

Zeeshan Khan, Managing Director at Palladris
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Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

Palladris and their clients need the ability to set up and scale quickly and effectively, to keep up with ever-increasing data volumes. With on-premise databases, this would be costly and time-consuming; setting up takes time and effort, and each scaling operation would entail further hardware acquisition and installation, followed by increased maintenance requirements.  

Palladris clients will be using PRe to ensure legal compliance and best practices, as well as accurately logging all incoming and outgoing requests. To accomplish this, PRE will require a high-performance and highly reliable database, with world-class transactional and analytical processing capabilities. 

PRe needs to store this data in a cost-effective manner. Mission-critical transactional data needs to be kept where it’s instantly accessible, while the massive volumes of market data collected by PRe must be stored efficiently so they can be analyzed with ease. 

The Solution

PRe requires a reliable and powerful infrastructure that can handle this fast-changing and ever-growing data at scale. SAP HANA Cloud is the right solution to help Palladris achieve this goal. 

As a fully managed database-as-a-service, SAP HANA Cloud is easy to set up for Palladris and its clients. Scaling up available storage can be done on-demand with just a click. Likewise, computing power can be increased during heavy analysis periods and lowered during lulls.   

The new SAP HANA Cloud, ASE service offers high-performance transactional abilities, which gives PRe robust in-memory storage for business rule data and reliable logging of all incoming and outgoing requests. The SAP HANA Cloud data lake, built specifically for SAP IQ functionality in the cloud, offers high-speed ingestion of huge volumes of data, making it ideal for rapidly storing incoming market data.

PRe Data Landscape


Palladris will retain the same high-performance transactional and analytical processing capabilities that they had with SAP ASE and SAP IQ, but now with additional scalability and flexibility. Setting up SAP HANA Cloud, as well as increasing its storage space or computing power, is much easier than setting up and expanding on-premise hardware, which will save Palladris and its clients much time and effort. 

On top of these benefits, SAP HANA Cloud is easily connected to other SAP products. Palladris also plans on using SAP Analytics Cloud to create custom analytics dashboards and alerts for their clients. This provides an enormously rich toolkit for future innovation. 

We see an exciting roadmap for SAP HANA Cloud, and we believe this will be a highly valuable technology for us and other vendors who are building solutions for financial markets.

Zeeshan Khan, Managing Director at Palladris 

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