Thélios Builds Data-First Company Culture with SAP HANA Cloud

Thélios is a luxury eyewear company formed in 2017 as a joint venture between industry leaders LVMH and Marcolin. As a startup, they sought to build a data-centric culture, where employees could easily get insights needed to make smart decisions. Thélios also needed a flexible data landscape that could scale as they grew in size. To make this innovation happen, they migrated from SAP HANA on-premise and made SAP HANA Cloud, a cloud-based database as a service, the center of their data landscape.

The result? Higher performance, easier connections, and the robust architecture needed to handle all future growth. Furthermore, this centralized access layer together with SAP Analytics Cloud, a cloud solution combining BI with augmented and predictive analytics, gives in-depth insights to business users.

30 percent faster data management performance after deploying SAP HANA Cloud

For Davide Priore, Global Information Technology Director at Thélios, this modernized architecture lays the groundwork for the company culture he wants to instill. “Nowadays, everybody in a managerial position needs to have a clear view of what’s going on in sales, logistics, and elsewhere. With SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud, we’re able to make data the cornerstone of our company.”

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Challenges: Defining the Data Problem

Thélios inherited their data landscape from one of their parent companies. This landscape, featuring SAP HANA, was largely on-premise. The capabilities offered by SAP HANA, from in-memory storage to powerful processing, helped Thélios quickly get up and running. However, as they planned for the long-term, they knew they needed the flexibility offered by the cloud.

One reason was that their variety of data sources, which included SAP ECC, SQL server, and other on-premises sources often proved difficult to connect. Without fast and simple connections between their data sources, getting timely insights from data with their BI tools remained challenging.

Another key consideration was scalability. Thélios is a young company planning for rapid growth. This growth isn’t always predictable, so Thélios needed the tools that could scale with them – without heavy upfront costs.



To solve these challenges, Thélios deployed SAP HANA Cloud to create a central access layer for all their data. This open platform connects to all their data sources, offering greater functionality than they previously had – and without any data siloes. For Elena Menegazzi, Business Intelligence Specialist at Thélios, the connectivity was a huge benefit. “We know we’ll be able to connect any new sources with ease, whether they’re from SAP or non-SAP sources.”

The scalability of SAP HANA Cloud also proved invaluable, as storage capabilities can be easily and inexpensively scaled up when needed. Thélios only pays for what they use.

Thélios connected this central access layer to SAP Analytics Cloud, enabling immediate, easy access to analytics for all users, particularly leadership teams and the sales force. With customizable dashboards, stakeholders can get accurate, real-time insights into their KPIs.


Time is critical for a startup. Now, Thélios can move quicker than ever thanks to their new performance capabilities from SAP HANA Cloud, which is the database management foundation of SAP Business Technology Platform. With this new cloud architecture, data can be accessed immediately and reliably.

These innovations help their business. The sales team can see KPIs first thing in the morning via the SAP Analytics Cloud smartphone app. This saves time and helps this team reach their goals. In the future, these insights will also be used to track manufacturing data.

Importantly, Thélios is now set up for growth. As they continue to establish themselves in the luxury eyewear category, they have the future-proofed landscape they need to efficiently scale, without having to worry about upfront costs or inflexible tools.

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As we scale our company, we know that SAP HANA Cloud can scale with us. Our new data landscape gives us the flexibility we need and speed we need to empower all stakeholders with data.

Davide Priore, Global Information Technology Director at Thélios

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