XTREME DB SYSTEMS Consolidates Their Client Databases with SAP HANA Cloud

XTREME DB SYSTEMS is a data management and cloud platform managed service provider. They work with customers across a broad spectrum of industries, from financial services and asset management to distributions and the public sector.

As database technology continues to move towards the cloud, XTREME DB SYSTEMS is looking to help their customers stay well-prepared for the future. Many of their customers are currently running multiple instances of SAP ASE, SAP Replication Server, and SAP IQ on-premise, in both pre-production and production environments. XTREME DB SYSTEMS wants to help their customers to consolidate their databases and streamline their operations. They see the new SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise and data lake components as the cloud solutions their customers need.


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Many companies, and financial services in particular, create multiple versions of pre-production SAP ASE instances, which they use for jobs like application development, performance testing, and code release testing. These services require backups of the latest production data. Often, companies will end up with hundreds of instances spread across departments, with many running similar or identical datasets. XTREME DB SYSTEMS needs to assist their customers in reducing the number of instances to eliminate redundancy and operate more efficiently.

Expanding on-premise hardware and storage provisioning takes time and effort, from the initial order to the installation. Financial services organizations generally calculate their business storage requirements on a quarterly basis; they then order from vendors and await delivery. This can become an especially prolonged task for larger SAP IQ systems, where extensive hardware and storage is needed, often creating delivery lead times of several weeks. If a company needs to scale up their production system, all pre-production environments must also have storage space available for testing purposes. XTREME DB SYSTEMS customers need an easier way to scale so they can respond faster to business demands.

Lastly, between managing software updates, security patching, provisioning new databases, and importing production data, it’s easy for IT resources to become strained across different teams. These teams often have to manage, maintain, and enhance custom code written in different coding languages. These manual tasks take up valuable resources that could be better elsewhere.


The new SAP HANA Cloud, adaptive server enterprise and data lake services make it easy for XTREME DB SYSTEMS customers to keep track of their databases. Users can provision an SAP HANA Cloud, ASE or data lake instance in minutes, and then move between different instances and even across multiple hyperscalers with ease. All landscapes are administered through a central portal, ensuring a clear overview of different databases across the development lifecycle landscape. XTREME DB SYSTEMS can also assist their customers in moving their entire existing development landscape to SAP HANA Cloud.

As a cloud-based managed service, scaling is easy: users don’t need to worry about on-premise hardware installations or maintenance. Adding a new Sybase instance, as well as scaling compute or storage, can be done with just a click, enabling fully on-demand provisioning.

Updates, maintenance, and monitoring are handled by SAP. XTREME DB SYSTEMS customers won’t need to worry about upgrading and patching their systems, or monitoring systems with customized code. This will allow the redistribution of resources to focus on more valuable tasks.


SAP HANA Cloud, ASE and data lake services allow customers of XTREME DB SYSTEMS to dramatically increase efficiency and reduce the cost of their development and testing business requirements. By benefitting from instant on-demand provisioning and scaling, as well as SAP HANA Cloud’s flexible consumption-based pricing, customers can focus on higher value tasks that deliver better value to the business. XTREME DB SYSTEMS is looking forward to helping their customers move towards the cloud.

Ghufran Hamid, Owner and Senior Partner at XTREME DB SYSTEMS, had this to say: “With SAP’s commitment to the next generation of SAP ASE, this is an exciting time for our customers to migrate their data landscapes into HANA Cloud, allowing them to benefit from true cloud innovation.”

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