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Estimating the costs of your SAP HANA Cloud

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  • Estimating the cost of your SAP HANA Cloud

    SAP HANA Cloud offers organizations a lot of flexibility. Flexibility means, however, that the price for SAP HANA Cloud varies according to your needs. Because SAP HANA Cloud is a service inside the SAP Cloud Platform, it uses the same billing logic, which is based on capacity units. To understand more about capacity units, please refer to the SAP Cloud Platform technical documentation.

    That’s why we’ve created an SAP HANA Cloud capacity unit calculator to help organizations make decisions about what they need to make the SAP HANA Cloud instances as robust as necessary. Let’s see how to get your price estimate:

    1. To get started, go to the SAP Cloud Platform Price Calculator.
    2. From there, select SAP HANA Cloud as the service you want to estimate.
    3. Click on the link to the Capacity Unit Estimator, as you can see in this image:
    4. You will be taken to the estimator! Now let’s understand better the options you have here.

    The Capacity Unit Estimator

    To get started with the estimator, let’s go over the options on the very top of the page. First, you can choose the hyperscaler you want to use under Selected Hyperscaler. This impacts the capacity units needed. For now, you can only select Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, but we’ll soon be implementing Google Cloud as well.

    Second, you can select your Activity Per Month, which means how often you’ll be using your SAP HANA Cloud instances. In case you will only be using your SAP HANA Cloud instance, for example, during working hours, you could select this here either by lowering the percentage of use, or actual days or hours per month that your service will be used.

    Please keep in mind that, if you need your SAP HANA Cloud service available 24/7, you should keep your activity per month at the maximum percentage, hours or days.

    Finally, on the right side of the screen, you can see the Total Capacity Units. This is the result of all the estimates you’ll be doing. This number will be automatically updated as you change your needs in the areas below.

    Now you need to understand the 3 different ways you can select your capacity needs. Please note that you can use any of these options, but you don’t have to use all of them. Just choose the option that suits you best and skip the rest. These are your options for getting an estimate:

    • Calculate by T-Shirt Size
    • Calculate by Data Size
    • Custom Configuration

    Let’s get into each of the options:

    Calculate by T-Shirt Size

    This is the simplest option: just choose between Large, Medium, Small or Manual. Each of those sizes comes with a standard pre-configuration, allowing you to get an estimate with one click. The only exception is the Manual option, which requires you to tweak the sizes, either by Data Size or in greater detail in Custom Configuration.

    Calculate by Data Size

    If the T-Shirt Size is too basic for you, you can try to estimate your needs by data size. Just type in or use the plus sign to add storage space to your hot (“in-memory”), warm (disk or native storage extension), and cold (SAP HANA Cloud data lake) storage options.

    Custom Configuration

    You can see this option by scrolling down on the same page. This is the right option if you have very specific requirements and you know already, in detail, what your organization needs. Here you can input in detail not only what your SAP HANA database will require, but also determine specific configurations for the SAP HANA Cloud data lake as well.

    Finally, you can reset all your values if you want to start again and make sure there’s no unwanted change left over. Just click on the Reset Values button to start again.

    Next Steps

    After you find the optimal capacity unit required by your organization, you can go back to the SAP Cloud Platform Price estimator and enter your total capacity units identified in the Estimator. Just type in the number on the left side of the screen, where you see the highlight in yellow in the image below. This will then automatically show you the monthly price in your local currency, which you can see on the right side of the screen. If your currency is not correct, just click on Customize Estimate on the top left area of the screen to select the correct currency.

    Alternatively, you contact your Account Executive and get actual prices in your currency.

    Once you complete your purchase, either with your Account Executive or via the SAP Cloud Platform website, then you can get started creating your first SAP HANA Cloud instance. Just go to the next step to see it in detail.


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