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Getting Started with your SAP HANA Cloud Trial

Learning Article
  • SAP understands that it’s very important to be confident before you purchase any new strategic product, such as SAP HANA Cloud. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to try SAP HANA Cloud out right now.

    SAP HANA Cloud Trial

    If you are interested in taking part in the trial, your first step is to sign up here. Once your trial registration is confirmed, you will gain immediate access to the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit and can immediately start using SAP HANA Cloud.

    Here is some basic information about the trial:

    • You can use your trial account to test SAP HANA Cloud for 30-days.
    • You will be given a chance to renew your trial period every 30 days for a full year before your data and account are deleted.
    • The configuration of your trial instance of SAP HANA Cloud is 30GB of memory, 2vCPUs, and 120GB of storage.
    • If you already use other services in SAP Cloud Platform, those will not be affected or limited in any way by your participation in the SAP HANA Cloud Trial.
    • You can add SAP HANA Cloud to any existing SAP Cloud Platform trial account, by simply following these steps.
    • There are a few limitations to the trial instances, including:
      • It’s not possible to provision more than one database and one data lake with a trial account
      • It’s not possible to enable the ScriptServer due to the maximum size of the trial instance

    Click here to register now for trial.

    You can also sign up here to get the latest information about SAP HANA Cloud, including the trial and the latest news via email.


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