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Demystifying SAP HANA Cloud Services

October 8, 2019

Maarten Rikken Maarten Rikken
Maarten Rikken is a Senior Solutions and Product Marketing Specialist in the SAP Digital Strategy Team.

SAP HANA Cloud Services is an overarching strategy for all your business' data. There are three complementary products in SAP HANA Cloud Services – SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and SAP Analytics Cloud. Here’s a look at SAP HANA Cloud Services, its availability, and how these three products take care of the entire data journey.

These solutions can store data, manage it, extract insights, visualize it, and then put intelligence next to it. SAP HANA Cloud Services is there so you can take advantage of all your data and make better-informed decisions.

SAP HANA Cloud powers all three. Even though all three offerings in the SAP HANA cloud services umbrella can be purchased individually, SAP HANA Cloud is always running in the background powering everything. The flexibility to buy each product individually means you can also customize your experience. For example, you can invest in a complete end-to-end strategy or just get analytics.

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In short, it's because of the current data environment and the associated challenges confronting businesses. Companies face unpredictable amounts of data coming in from different products, customer segments, suppliers, and business entities.

Then on top of this, there are often multiple versions of the "truth" with data in various formats and databases scattered around the company. Complex data management systems prevent most business users from getting data themselves, so they need to ask an already overburdened IT to do it. These complex data management systems can also be prohibitively expensive. So when you try to get value from your data by connecting it to the people that need it to make decisions, it can feel messy and disconnected.

SAP HANA Cloud Services meets these challenges by providing a simple end-to-end data management solution. All three products in it are fully managed services so they can scale up or down to meet unpredictable data needs. SaaS is cheaper than on-premise because it doesn't require setup or installation, and SAP, as your SaaS provider, will take care of updates and maintenance.

The products in SAP HANA Cloud Services were built to empower business users to get data themselves, model it, and visualize it themselves. At the same time, it gives IT powerful modeling and governance functionalities.



SAP HANA Cloud is a multi-cloud database as a service (DBaaS) that gives customers SAP HANA and its market-leading performance in the cloud. In SAP HANA Cloud, you can store your data, tier it, and make sure it's accessible whenever you need it. You can use the SAP HANA Cloud engine to develop any powerful applications you want, or you can connect any applications you already use.

SAP HANA Cloud is a game-changer when it comes to managing business data in modern environments. Data can move from in-memory to the SAP HANA native storage extension or to the data lake. In-memory data is available in real-time with no latency. As the data becomes less of a priority, it can be moved to the native storage extension.

Data stored here is more cost-effective and still has very low latency. Then the data lake combines the massive storage capacity of a data lake – managing data at the petabyte scale – with a database that simplifies and accelerates data analysis.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a user-friendly business product. It lets you consolidate all your data in one place, acting as a single gateway – making your data easily accessible with a simple and intuitive interface. It also adds a Semantic Business Layer on top so that business users can understand the data. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud lets you model data with SQL or a drag-and-drop interface and prepares your data for quick and easy analysis.

Finally, some components of SAP Analytics Cloud come out of the box with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, allowing users to visualize their data and derive insights. SAP Analytics Cloud as a standalone product ties SAP HANA Cloud Services together by giving you valuable insights into your data with advanced features and technologies like business intelligence, planning, machine learning, and predictive forecasting all in one cloud product.