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How SAP HANA Cloud Powers Up Your SAP ASE and SAP IQ Databases

December 16, 2020

Stuart Grant Stuart Grant
Stuart Grant is the Head of Capital Markets at SAP.

For years, customers of SAP’s Sybase portfolio—which includes SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server—have relied on these products to support their mission-critical business activities by managing transactional and analytical data requirements. The financial industry, and capital markets in particular, has seen heavy usage of SAP ASE and SAP IQ, for daily trading, pricing, risk analytics, and regulatory reporting.

In 2021, SAP will bring managed services built on these products to the cloud as part of our next generation database-as-a-service, SAP HANA Cloud.

SAP ASE will be available in SAP HANA Cloud as a new Adaptive Server Enterprise service, to support the same extreme transaction database workloads that SAP ASE supports on-premise. The SAP HANA Cloud data lake, based on SAP IQ, will be extended to allow new or existing SAP IQ applications to natively connect to SAP HANA Cloud data lake. SAP HANA Cloud will also include a new ASE Replication service based on SAP Replication Server. All of these will be provided as managed services, allowing for on-demand provisioning, enhanced flexibility and scalability, and consumption-based pricing, to benefit from the power offered by SAP HANA Cloud.

These new services will allow existing users to preserve existing data landscapes: current on-premise installations can be easily moved to SAP HANA Cloud, with technical support and service-based migration offerings. Here’s how SAP HANA Cloud will provide a gateway to the public cloud by allowing firms to leverage all their on-premise experience.

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A Single Access Layer to All Your Data

SAP HANA Cloud provides a wide array of database capabilities to support transactional, analytical, or hybrid transaction/analytic processing workloads, so that you can use the right database solution for your requirements.

As the amount of data continues to explode, so too does the number of business and regulatory-driven demands for reliably secure applications and reporting. Whether your data is stored in SAP ASE, SAP IQ, or any other source, SAP HANA Cloud provides you with one access layer to all data sources and services, with a choice of deployment options across multiple hyperscalers.

SAP Replication Server has supported global architectures with batch and real-time replication for more than 20 years. It also has a proven capability to reliably move data to mission-critical systems with minimal resource usage. SAP HANA Cloud’s new Replication Server service will help customers create high-performance architectures in a cloud environment, to move critical data between SAP HANA Cloud, Adaptive Server Enterprise and SAP HANA Cloud, data lake while preserving data integrity. As the service matures, expect your data to be easily integrated with SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud for further in-memory analytic computation, and SAP Analytics Cloud for advanced visualization.


Enhanced Scalability

On-premise databases are difficult to scale-up, particularly in a time-efficient manner that supports the ever-increasing demands of your business. More storage and processing power require expansion of your on-premise installation, which takes time and effort, as well as regular maintenance. This slows down your company’s ability to handle increased amounts of data.

SAP HANA Cloud removes this potential roadblock. As well as on-demand provisioning, the new Adaptive Server Enterprise, Data Lake and ASE Replication services allow for user-controlled scaling. Compute and storage can be increased separately, so whether you need more processing power or more storage space, you can add more with just a click. With SAP HANA Cloud, the limited on-premise resources of the past won’t restrict your ability to process, move, or store more data.


Take Advantage of the Power Offered by the Cloud

By offering one single gateway to all your data, SAP HANA Cloud connects your entire landscape. Couple that with increased scalability, and you’ve got a service that powers up your data in a cloud-native environment. Organisations can now provision and scale on-demand, as well as leverage their existing investments in proven and trusted database technologies across multiple hyperscaler environments. A true gateway to Cloud.

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