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Three Levels to Demystify SAP HANA Cloud Services

January 7, 2020

SAP HANA Cloud Services is an overarching strategy for your business' data. There are three complementary products in SAP HANA Cloud Services – SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and SAP Analytics Cloud.

These three products are there to help businesses with all their data needs – whatever they may be. They can store data, manage it, extract insights, visualize it, and then put intelligence next to it. SAP HANA Cloud Services is there so you can take advantage of all your data and make better-informed decisions.

How well-informed do you think you are? In this three-part video series, Stefan Hoffmann, Senior Product Manager for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, discusses SAP HANA Cloud Services with three SAP employees with varying levels of product knowledge. Watch this video series to learn the basics, understand the customer perspective, and see the future strategy for SAP HANA Cloud Services.


Level 1

This video features Maarten Rikken, Solution & Product Marketing Senior Specialist at SAP. Maarten is new to the company, so Stefan takes him through the basics of SAP HANA Cloud Services. This is where you want to start for a high-level overview.


Level 2

In this video, Stefan Hoffmann talks to Ragunath Ramanathan, COO for the Platform & Technology Sales team at SAP. Ragunath positions SAP HANA Cloud Services to our customers, so his questions focus on addressing top-of-mind consumer needs.


Level 3

This level features Ivo Bauermann, Head of Product Strategy for HANA and Analytics at SAP. In the final section, Ivo discusses strategy for SAP HANA Cloud Services and how it’s future-proofing the way companies work with data.



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