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Get Up and Running with Your Trial of SAP HANA Cloud in 3 Easy Steps

June 19, 2020

Helena Nacinovic Helena Nacinovic
Helena is a Solution & Product Marketing Senior Specialist and Digital Learning Designer at SAP. An enthusiast about learning new things, she's passionate about digital media, technology, and digital learning in all its forms.

SAP HANA Cloud empowers your organization to build data-driven solutions by leveraging cloud-native scalability, speed, and performance. Connect to all your data through a single gateway, while enabling security, privacy, and anonymization with proven enterprise reliability. SAP recognizes that customers would like an easy way to try our solutions out before investing in them – and we have that – with access to our free trial versions.

If you want to check out SAP HANA Cloud before purchasing, here's how you can get started with your trial of SAP HANA Cloud in three easy steps:

Step one – sign up for the trial

Click here to sign up for the SAP HANA Cloud trial.

First, you need to fill out the trial registration form. Make sure that you include a valid phone number when registering, as you will have to confirm your registration with a verification code that will be sent via text message to the phone number you submitted.

Once your trial account is confirmed, you will immediately have access to it and can get started.

Step two – Access your trial account

Now that you can access your trial account on SAP Cloud Platform, you can use the tutorials on the SAP Cloud Platform Trial home page to get to know the basics of this environment. Here you can also setup your preferences and check all the other services available for you to try, if you are interested.

Step three – Provision your system

Since your SAP Cloud Platform subaccounts and space have already been automatically setup when your account was created, you will be able to add the SAP HANA Cloud service to your Space. The final step is to then create your SAP HANA Cloud instance. Please keep in mind that there is a limitation in the number of data lakes that can be created in association to trial instances. So if you see an error message when trying to create a data lake, you can try again at a later point in time.

Click here to learn more about how to set up SAP HANA Cloud on SAP Cloud Platform and create your trial instance. Now, you have the best enterprise cloud database up and running!

To get started with SAP HANA Cloud, check out the Getting Started with the Trial mission or the Trial Learning Track.