Creating database objects in SAP HANA Cloud with SAP Business Application Studio


Are you new to SAP HANA Cloud? Do you like learning by doing? Join SAP HANA Cloud Product Managers for three immersive, hands-on learning sessions. Follow along this workshop with your own trial account and learn how to create and optimize calculation views in SAP Business Application Studio in a federated scenario using data from SAP HANA Cloud. You can follow along during the life-events or catch-up by watching the recordings on-demand.

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Session 1: How to Set Up an Environment and Define Data Structures

Learn in this session how to set up a development space and HANA project in SAP Business Application Studio and how to bring in data from your SAP HANA Cloud, HANA database to your project.

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Session 2: How to Build Up a Federated Scenario

Learn in this session how to add remote sources and virtualize data from these sources to your SAP HANA Cloud, HANA database as well as how to use flowgraphs to load data to different tables. You will also learn how to manage the roles and privileges necessary for these steps.

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Session 3: How to Use Calculation Views in a Federated Scenario​

Learn in this session how you can create calculation views in SAP Business Application Studio. You will learn how to create union nodes and how to use union pruning with sample data as well as how to manage analytic privileges and use static cache.

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