Hybrid: Extend On-Premise with SAP HANA Cloud

Bringing on-premise and the cloud together


Data is scaling in size and becoming more complicated. At the same time, organizations depend
on IT to unlock the full value of this data. However, IT is too often limited by their on-premise
systems and tied up with time-consuming data management tasks. A hybrid data strategy powered
by SAP HANA Cloud solves the biggest problems in data management.


By extending your on-premise investments to the cloud, IT builds off existing resources. Finally, IT
becomes empowered to focus on the high-value strategic work that matters most. SAP HANA Cloud
provides the solutions you need to launch your hybrid data strategy.


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How SAP HANA Cloud Solves Your Biggest Challenges
Expanding Volumes of Data and High Costs of Storage

SAP HANA Cloud’s integrated data lake drives down the cost of data storage and analysis. Save your data in the data lake at a low cost. You can access the data remotely at any time. The data lake is built to handle any amount of data.

Limited Connection Management with Cloud Sources

SAP HANA Cloud is a multi-cloud management solution offering streamlined access to all data, no matter the source, through a single gateway. SAP HANA Cloud comes out of the box with data provisioning agents to help you connect to multiple cloud sources and object storesSmart Data Access (SDA) gives you real-time data access to all your on-premise and cloud systems through virtual tables while keeping costs under control.

In-memory Storage is Cost Prohibitive

 SAP HANA Cloud’s data lake is just one way to lower storage costs. To optimize your current on-premise in-memory storage, you can offload workloads to SAP HANA Cloud for processing and virtualize the access to your data – all while keeping the data on-premise.

Not Enough Computing Power or Storage

When your company scales quickly, your data storage and computing power also need to scale. Quickly extend your on-premise productivity without having to invest in additional hardwareWith SAP HANA Cloud, you can easily boost your storage capabilities and enhance your computing power whenever needed.


More Features

The Speed of SAP HANA – Now in the Cloud

Unprecedented Power

Speed gives organizations the edge over the competition. For years, SAP HANA enabled organizations to run complex operations faster than ever. Now, the speed of SAP HANA is available in the cloud.  

 Using SAP HANA Cloud in a hybrid data strategy gives you complete flexibility to go with that high performance. Quickly gain insights from data by running transactional and analytical operations in real-time. 

Build and Run Powerful Applications On-Premise or in the Cloud

It's in Your Hands

The high performance of HANA Cloud makes it perfect for running powerful applications. It also gives you the flexibility run applications on premise, in the cloud, or a combination of both.  


  • For example, you can point your on-premise application to SAP HANA Cloud to consume and transform data from multiple sources, including other cloud sources.  
  • Or simply build powerful applications for the cloud. SAP HANA Cloud is an open platform that can be connected to any tool or data source.  
  • Run custom applications using SQL. SAP HANA Cloud also supports additional data types such as geospatial, graph, or document.  

Data Security

Management You Trust

SAP HANA Cloud was built with security in mind. 

  • Mask and anonymize data to protect privacy – while still being able to analyze the data. 
  • Data is encrypted, no matter where it’s stored.   
  • Flexible user management ensures that only the right people have access to the data.
  • Auditing capabilities means you can always rely on a detailed log of actions for every part of your SAP HANA Cloud instances. 


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