Financial Services: SAP HANA Cloud, Adaptive Server Enterprise and Data Lake


Data volumes are increasing exponentially, and financial institutions know it. To keep up with the data explosion and stay on top of digital disruption and shifting consumer needs, the financial services industry needs to innovate and adapt. For years, you’ve relied on SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server for your transactional and analytical needs. SAP will continue to support these products—and now, new services in SAP HANA Cloud will directly support SAP ASE and SAP IQ databases in the cloud.


These new offerings solve the challenges faced by today’s financial services. With these services in SAP HANA Cloud, you’ll benefit from proven market-leading performance in a cloud-native environment, which includes increased scalability and flexibility, with on-demand provisioning and consumption-based pricing.

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How SAP HANA Cloud, Adaptive Server Enterprise and Data Lake Solve Your Biggest Challenges
Scale with Ease to Handle Exploding Volumes of Financial Data

Ever-growing amounts of financial data require constant scaling to meet demands. But scaling up your on-premise environment is time-consuming and expensive, from procuring and installing hardware to regular upgrades and maintenance afterwards.


With SAP HANA Cloud, adaptive server enterprise and data lake, you can provision new instances on-demand with just a click, giving you more control over your TCO. SAP HANA Cloud, adaptive server enterprise and data lake also let you separate storage and compute, so you have the elasticity to meet demand, whether it’s for more processing power or storage space.

Prepare for Future Innovation

To stay prepared for the data demands of the future, the financial service industry needs top-performing cloud solutions. SAP brings the high-performance transactional and analytical capabilities of SAP ASE and SAP IQ to the cloud as fully managed services: with SAP handling updates and patches, you’ll be able to focus your IT resources on business and innovation, while taking full advantage of new features as they become available.


SAP HANA Cloud, adaptive server enterprise and data lake are compatible with the latest releases for SAP ASE and SAP IQ, ensuring that you can make full use of past investments.

Test Without Impacting Performance

Financial services often need to create development and testing environments, whether for load, stress, or latency tests. But this is difficult and expensive to organize when dealing with on-premise setups.


SAP HANA Cloud, adaptive server enterprise and data lake make it easier than ever to create test environments for your production systems. Just as new instances can be created on-demand, they can also be scaled down so that resources can be reallocated when not in use, giving you more flexibility to set up tests at any time. Create test environments without impacting the performance of production systems.

Palladris Optimizes Their Rules Engine with SAP HANA Cloud

Watch the video to learn about Palladris, a valued SAP partner, and how they optimized their rules engine for SAP HANA Cloud’s new services, built on SAP ASE and SAP IQ. You can also read their story here.

More Features

Self-service Scaling

SAP HANA Cloud, adaptive server enterprise and data lake utilize a consumption-based pricing model, so you’re only paying for what you use. Minimize redundant costs by running the instances you need—no more, no less.

Multi-cloud Strategy

SAP HANA Cloud, data lake offers a choice of different hyperscalers, so you can deploy when and where you want, together with other resources you may use from our supported hyperscalers. SAP HANA Cloud, adaptive server enterprise will be available on Microsoft Azure at launch, with additional hyperscaler support planned.


Utilize the full power of SAP’s Business Technology Platform by connecting SAP HANA Cloud to other SAP products, as well as non-SAP databases and programs.


SAP HANA Cloud, adaptive server enterprise and data lake are developer-friendly and open to a wide range of SAP, third-party, and custom-built applications.

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