A Stand-Alone Cloud Solution

Data management
in the cloud


With the rise of big data, organizations collect more data than ever before. This data should lead to
high-impact insights and an edge over the competition. However, the challenges of unlocking the
value of data remains due to complex landscapes and scattered sources. There are many cloud
solutions that aim to fix different aspects of this problem, but they fail to tackle the complete
challenge. Now, you only need one solution — SAP HANA Cloud.


SAP HANA Cloud solves the challenge of unlocking value of this data. This is the single data
management solution that connects all your data with speed and flexibility. Turn your data into a
trusted source that’s easy to draw insights from.


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How SAP HANA Cloud Solves Your Biggest Challenges
Unstructured and Specialized Data Types from Multiple Sources 

Data now comes in from more sources and in more formats — IoT, social media, location data, and much more. Getting value from that data doesn’t have to be a headache. SAP HANA Cloud works as a central data management solution that brings all your data from all formats into one place. Complete real-time advanced analytics on live transaction data, structured and unstructured, without data duplication. Adapters come outofthebox to help you connect to multiple sources. 

Scaling and Improving Business Agility is a Challenge

When your company quickly grows, your data capabilities need to keep pace with the rest of the business. SAP HANA Cloud offers both flexibility and agility. You can easily scale up or scale down your existing capabilities based on your cloud landscape. All of this can be done quickly without the upfront costs of an on-premise data center or additional maintenance 

Expanding Volumes of Data and High Costs of Storage

It’s normal to collect a lot of data that doesn’t have to be used often. However, storing these vast amounts of data shouldn’t be expensive. SAP HANA Cloud’s built-in data lake and virtualization capabilities drive down the cost of data storage and analysis. Save your data in the data lake at a low cost. You can access the data remotely at any time without storing it in SAP HANA Cloud.  Plus, you only pay for what you use.   

Collecting the Right Data, but Missing Advanced Analytical Capabilities

Just successfully storing data isn’t enoughData is becoming more sophisticated and diverseso the next important step is successfully deploying advanced analytics. SAP HANA Cloud supports this with predictive algorithms and analytical engines, in addition to built-in spatial and graph engines. This helps data become easily primed for analytics.  


More Features

The Speed of SAP HANA – Now in the Cloud

Unprecedented Power

Speed gives organizations the edge over the competition. For years, SAP HANA enabled organizations to run complex operations faster than ever. Now, the high performance of SAP HANA is available in the cloud.  


  • Quickly gain insights from data by running transactional and analytical operations in real-time through analytical and predictive algorithms. 
  • Get fast access to data in remote sources through virtualization powered by SAP HANA  smart data accessThis technology enables the data to be accessed as if they were local tables in SAP HANA Cloud, without copying the data. 
  • Easily collect and analyze data in the built-in data lake 

Build and Run Powerful Applications

It's in Your Hands

The fast performance of SAP HANA Cloud is perfect for running high-impact applications. Build and run these applications directly on the cloud 

  • Build powerful applications for the cloud. SAP HANA Cloud is an open platform that can be connected to any tool or data source.  
  • Run custom applications using SQL. SAP HANA Cloud also supports advanced data types such as geospatial and graph. 

Data Security

Management You Trust

SAP HANA Cloud was built with security in mind. 

  • Mask and anonymize data to protect privacy– while still being able to analyze the data. 
  • Data is encrypted, no matter where it’s stored.   
  • Flexible user management ensures that only the right people have access to the data.
  • Auditing capabilities means you can always rely on a detailed log of actions for every part of your SAP HANA Cloud instances. 

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