While many businesses are adopting a cloud-first strategy, data management solutions that are deployed on-premise offer maximum control. SAP is continuously innovating our leading technology, SAP HANA, both on-premise and in the cloud, with a focus on stability, operational excellence, high availability, and low total cost of ownership.

There is a great value to be found by extending on-premise solutions in the cloud. This is why SAP HANA Cloud Services technology, including SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP HANA Cloud, are built to complement your existing on-premise deployments of SAP HANA and SAP BW/4 HANA.

Save time and costs by scaling out SAP HANA in the cloud

With SAP HANA Cloud, you don’t need to move every SAP HANA workload to the cloud unless you are ready. Start small and scale-up over time or use the solution for convenient on-demand capacity, available when you need it most.


Additional on-demand compute capacity.

Scaling out to the cloud takes a matter of minutes. It’s the perfect scenario for extending your on-premise environment.

Easily manage additional workloads.

Keep up with the speed of your business and maintain trust in your data by managing additional workload requirements in the cloud through real-time data replication or virtual access.

Backup and restore.

Backup your primary or secondary SAP HANA instance safely and securely in the cloud.

Support disaster recovery.

Quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster with your SAP HANA landscape in the cloud.

Outsource development landscapes.

Save costs by setting up your test/dev/QA landscapes in the cloud, including data replication options from on-premise solutions.

Fulfill your cloud strategy.

SAP HANA Cloud functions as a tool to migrate your SAP HANA workflows partially or entirely to the cloud depending on your needs.

Find the best on-premise and cloud strategy for your business.

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The Natural Cloud Extension for SAP BW/4HANA

SAP is committed to the continued innovation of our on-premise data warehouse solution, and now there are ways that you can extend your SAP BW/4HANA instance in the cloud with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Scale-out new cloud scenarios or workflows

Solutions deployed in the cloud offer faster time-to-value for the line of business users working with workflows independent from IT. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers an easy way to consume existing SAP BW4/HANA models in the cloud. Plus, your line of business users can connect to additional data sources and manage data models independently, saving time and costs.

How can you set this up?

Connect your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud instance to the on-premise BW/4HANA system and pull data virtually or by replication to the cloud to be used in new models. Additionally, we also provide a “push method” to periodically replicate data from the on-premise system to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud instance using the “BW Open Hub” technology. The data in the cloud is a “snapshot” of the on-premise data which needs to be refreshed on a regular basis.

Start your cloud-migration

Many organizations are favoring a cloud-first strategy with new technologies. With a tight integration at the data and metadata level, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the perfect starting point for transitioning your on-premise SAP BW/4HANA deployment to the cloud.

How can you get started?

Connect to the on-premise BW/4HANA system and extract data and metadata of complete end-to-end data flows and re-create them in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as immediately executable replicas using the cloud-ready and cloud-optimized modeling artifacts. This method enables a step-by-step migration from the on-premise world into the cloud.

Read more about how SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is uniting on-premise and cloud technology in our expert blog series.

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