Cascades Begins Next-Generation Data Wrangling

As an early adopter of SAP Analytics Cloud, Cascades has developed a close working relationship with SAP. They are a key member of the ASUG influence council and smart wrangling beta program, allowing them to give their first-hand experience with upcoming features. This has allowed them to give feedback, which is considered and eventually, incorporated into the product before general availability. Ultimately, this enables SAP Analytics Cloud to continually incorporate features which add value in areas that customers need.

Creating Empowered Users with Smart Wrangling

All their users, whether business and IT, finds building stories in SAP Analytics Cloud to be natural. The intuitive experience occurs for everyone, as one hundred percent of this organization’s users are currently using SAP Analytics Cloud. However, conducting meaningful analyses and creating reports requires perfectly prepared data models and like many other organizations, the company found that the data they have is not always as they need it.

The release of smart wrangling makes it easier to put the power of SAP Analytics Cloud into the hands of more employees who are looking to explore their data when a perfectly prepared model is not available. SAP Analytics Cloud also provides ease of use through its strong integration with their existing SAP solutions, SAP BW and SAP ECC 6.0.

Smart wrangling encourages a self-service experience that is all about the data, and encourages ad hoc data exploration, data visualization, intelligent augmentation, and business planning. It allows business users to redirect their efforts from in-depth data modeling to a new streamlined workflow: importing data, exploring insights, and going straight to what matters to them.

The release of smart wrangling in SAP Analytics Cloud has resulted in an even more robust solution that can be put into the hands of all our end users. It’s easy to use and has reduced the urgency put onto IT as our analysts can find what they need in a self-service experience.

Sylvain Garneau, Lead Architect and Innovation at Cascades

Use Case: Faster Insights in a Scalable Way

Smart wrangling in SAP Analytics Cloud empowers non-IT users, such as data analysts, to easily manipulate data sets in a new way. The experience allows users who don’t want to worry about defining dimensions, measures, and more complex capabilities that data architects would typically be involved with. Instead, with this self-service analytics experience, they can explore the data as they want without the immediate and heavy dependence on IT.

The autonomous nature of smart wrangling means that data analysts from different lines of business can get a hold of the data and get answers out of with relative ease and speed. So, in a case where a human resources (HR) analyst has conducted an employee survey, they can begin to ask questions within SAP Analytics Cloud before a proper data model is built by IT. However, once the HR analyst finishes, IT can review what they have done and then create an appropriate model from the data set. Smart wrangling is a fast and lightweight alternative to traditional modeling.

Use Case: Creating Expressions in a New Environment

The new wrangling expression language available in SAP Analytics Cloud is a developer environment designed to reproduce the same level of responsiveness. When a user begins typing, they receive auto-complete suggestions that are contextual to what they’re doing and where they are. For example: Using square brackets lets SAP Analytics Cloud know that you only want to see exposed columns and not function names.

With the wrangling expression language, users who are familiar with creating formulas and writing macros will feel a similar experience as a developer would writing code. It’s simple, everything has meaning, and it is familiar.

Learn more about smart wrangling from our guided playlist here.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, we can address questions that come in at 3 p.m. and be confident that we will be able to answer them by 5 p.m. The flexibility smart wrangling provides alongside the robustness of the solution means that we can explore insights and focus on what matters—ultimately, streamlining our workflow.

Sylvain Garneau, Lead Architect and Innovation at Cascades

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